My Top 5 Favorite Spring Scents

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I may have mentioned this before but, I love the Spring time. I love the transition from winter to spring and the happy moods that follow.

Living in Spain it’s also a great time of the year because we all know just how hot it’s going to be in the next few months so, this transition period is just so nice.


I decided to make a little blog post all about favorite spring perfumes and I hope you enjoy dear little reader.


My Top 5 Favorite Spring Scents

This top 5 isn’t all that random, I actually have been wearing these 5 perfumes religiously since around February (I know that’s not Spring but, I can’t lie). They are some of my absolute favorites and well, anyway I hope you enjoy them!

This should also be quite funny because I suck at describing scents.

Also, if you do want to check out any of the fragrances the ones Underlined have a link provided where you can find out even more about them!

First up is Elizabeth Arden in Sunflowers –


springtime perfume

Before I start talking about this perfume let me just tell you that I am a huge believer that the same perfumes smell completely different on different people. For instance my mums perfume smells amazing on her but, on me it just smells wrong

That’s the same with this perfume. A lot of people spritz it and think it’s a little ‘mature’, I agree. But then when I spray it on myself, it smells completely different and I always get compliments on it. I would describe the smell as quite fruity but, then them floral notes turn quite rich and ‘florally’.

I really love this perfume and wear it as an everyday fragrance. It’s also really cheap and can be picked up virtually anywhere!


My Second Spring go to perfume is Zara – Black…


spring perfume

This perfume from Zara has been my go to for a few years now. I also love its sister in ‘white’ but, that’s more of my summer time/autumn perfume.

I am a sucker for Zara perfumes, they are sooooooooooooo nice. They last for ages too and are really inexpensive. It actually smells of  ‘Oriental Orange, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Musk‘. It’s not as floral as the Elizabeth Arden perfume, but it’s just my go to and I cannot get enough of it during the Spring.


Spring Fragrance Number Three is Chanel Number 5 – 


picture of chanel number 5

The myth, the legend, the classic. Chanel number 5 is literally one of my absolute favorite perfumes I have ever, ever been given. My grandpa actually bought it for me and I just treasure every spritz.

It’s definitely more of a splurge perfume and I don’t just wear it everyday like I would some of the others but, on more special occasions.

Some people are a little weary of number 5 but, i just think it’s a complete classic and again, it really suits me as a person. I also know my mum used to wear it at my age so it’s kind of like a nostalgic scent in my family!

I do also wear this all year round but, it’s gorgeous so it had to be included. Sorry not sorry.



Next up is Zara in the scent ‘Turquoise Green’ …


zara cheap perfume

This perfume was a complete and utter surprise when I got it. I had no idea it would smell as good as it does. The color is slightly off putting, it is actually a strange move making a perfume ‘turquoise’ but, seriously it’s to die for and again, really cheap and affordable.

(You have probably noticed I love Zara perfumes by now).

This perfume isn’t over powering and is just light and nice. I would wear it everywhere, unlike some of the other spring fragrances I have mentioned.

I am definitely going to buy it again when I run out. It’s so gorgeous and although I am terrible at describing smells, I guarantee anyone in the world would like this perfume.


Finally, is Ted Baker in Butterfly Wings –

ted baker

I know it’s a body spray but, this smell has been with me for around 3 years. I used to wear it religiously every single day and people would even smell it and say it reminded them of me, something that I just love in a body spray/perfume.

I don’t know if they even sell it anymore but, if you ever see it please just give it a quick sniff because it’s so nice. I try to wear this in the spring time because it is called ‘butterfly wings’ and well, spring time is known for beautiful creatures.There’s just something about it that takes me to a happy place. It’s My Top 5 Favorite Spring Scents ‘Scented with elegant bergamont and red fruit, highlighted with tuberose and patchouli’.

It’s so lovely and although it’s a body spray it lasts for ages.



I hope you enjoyed this post on my favorite spring time fragrances, if you did please let me know in the comments below and let me know your favorite perfumes!



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