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girl versus makeup

Hello fellow internet users, I’m Lauren. *smiles awkwardly at my keyboard*.

I was born in good old Britain and yes my family is that family that drinks tea in a crisis.

I started my blog a little while back and I seem to blog about everything from beauty, my own life, DIY projects, travel and other miscellaneous things that make me more of that weird category on the sims where everything that doesn’t have a place is placed, rather than the front page beauty guru I like to pretend to be.

Spain is where I am living right now and although you may think i am a sun drenched brown goddess 24/7, I don’t tan very well and get a lil cranky when i’m too hot.

‘Hopelessly clumsy’ is a nice way to put me.

If you’re looking for a friend or somewhere to read a little info on some beauty products or anything else really, i really hope you like my blog.


girl versus makeup



girl versus makeup


 Or email me at 

girlversusmakeup [at]  yahoo.com



*The site does contain some affiliate links and although I am PR friendly, I wouldn’t never talk about or talk highly about a product I didn’t feel was worth the money, time or effort. All opinions are absolutely my own. I hope that’s okay blog visitors!