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At Home Leg Waxing Reviews

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Trust me when I say, this was one of the weirdest posts i have ever had to do. Not because waxing is weird, but because it hurts and feels weird buying a new leg waxing kit every week from the same shop. But, I do it so you don’t have to waste your money!

If you, like me couldn’t go to an actual salon to get your legs waxed (cue anxiety) or even if you’re just fed up with having to pay a fortune for your legs to be waxed, have no fear because I have created not only reviews on the products but, at the end of each review i’m going to be scoring it out of 10, just to subtly let you know weather it’s actually worth it or not. *Round of Applause*

1 # All Natural Spa Wax

At Home Leg Wax Reviews

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Click here for the best price in the EU…

This stuff is really well advertised because, it focuses on people with thick, coarse hair. A lot of hair removal products only focus on the soft, baby hairs we get and not on the places we really need extra strength.

I tried this product a while ago and the reviews say exactly what I thought. It works a dream, if you know what you’re doing. It gets rid of tough, coarse hair. The only issue is, it’s bloody messy.

It gets everywhere (if you’re not careful) and you can even find yourself with it stuck to you with no way of getting it off. Of course there are ways but, if you’re in a rush it’s a little annoying.

Overall, a brilliant product as it does what it says but, I wouldn’t reccommend if you have never waxed before!

Score 7/10 



2 # Gigi Brazilian 

At Home leg waxing reviews

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Click here for the best price in the EU…

Now, there is a formula which does have slightly better preference which is the non microwaveable formula, the link to the US one is here and the EU link is here. The non microwavable formula however, does have to be heated up with its own contraption so, hence why I never purchased the product as I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle.

Anyway! the microwavable gigi brazlian wax formula was…ok. I did like it, don’t get me wrong but, I just felt you had to be incredibly confident and fast moving with taking off the wax or it dries and you’re left with this hot mess. The ripping off bit as the worst bit for me, as it is for many others so, that’s the bit I need a little time with.

It’s a great product but and it doesn’t have to just be used on your legs which is a bonus but, I just couldn’t move as quickly as it could.

 Score 6/10


3 # Veet Easy Wax Roll On Hair Remover

At home leg waxing reviews

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No. No. No. No. No! First of all it takes forever to heat up, way longer than the usual 5 mins for other waxes. It didn’t even really work on me. I feel like I have knowledge in this are and I know i’m not a beautician but, I just didn’t think it worked. I still had hair left on my leg and in the end I just gave up with the whole thing.

Beyond disappointed with this veet product, the only pro would be it’s cool looking, which isn’t really a pro is it?

Score 2/1o 


4 # Nair Hair Removal Kit, Microwave Wax for Legs

At Home Leg waxing Reviews

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(I can’t seem to find a product similar to this in the EU, if you do know of any please let me know in the comments below!)

This wax is probably the most expensive of them all. I don’t know why, when I bought this it wasn’t at the price it is being offered at now, i have read some of the reviews and people are saying it is just a lot rarer to find now so therefore more expensive!

I do love this product though. It does say it can be used all over the body but, I would only use this for my legs and face, I wouldn’t recommend using it if you have thick, coarse hair on your legs or face as I don’t think it would be able to do the job. But, on my legs it was wonderful and definite worthy of my money product.

Score 8/10 


5 # Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel

At Home Leg Waxing Reviews

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Click here for the best price in the EU…’s a gel. Yes, I know i’m meant to be reviewing ‘waxes’ but, it works the same and is actually a lot better than a lot of waxes. I don’t know the technical words as to why it is better but, it doesn’t clog your pores and waxes sometimes do and it isn’t as irritant as a lot of waxes are.

It is messy. But, it washes off super easy so, the clean up is super easy too. None of this picking at your elbow for hours trying to get the last bit of wax off which is actually super satisfying.

I really, really like this gel. It just works for me and is a really reasonable price.

Score 8.5/10

6 # Sugar StripEase Hair Remover

At Home Leg waxing reviews

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Click here for the best price in the EU…

I thought I was going to love this product when I originally purchased it. I had read that it was less painful than waxing and literally thought my life was about to change. Unfortunately, it didn’t. It still was just as painful.

It was also really, really sticky and took forever to cool down.

Also, once I had applied the wax and had psyched myself up to rip it off, it didn’t actually remove much. It was a lot of pain for nothing really. It did eventually remove the hairs but, it took a good few rips!

A lot of people love this product but, I just wish it hadn’t taken so long to get the hairs out!

Score 5/10

I hope you enjoyed my At Home Leg Waxing Reviews , If you did please let me know in the comments below and if you have any other opinion please let me know!


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