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Beach Day Survival Kit

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If you read my ‘About me‘ you may know I am currently living in Spain. Although my pale complexion and fair skin doesn’t do to great during the summer, it doesn’t stop me from running to the beach whenever I get the chance.

(I mean walk..slowly. I don’t run because i’m lazy).


I always make sure I carry a beach bag with me, full of essentials. I can’t help it I am just one of them people…


Beach Day Survival Kit


I made a beach day survival kit! a bag full of goodies that I take with me to the beach every summer that I just can’t live without.



beach day

Above is my beach bag. I do have a few but, this is just my go to one. It’s really bright, for some reason it looks a little dark here but it’s quite a bright orange. It looks good if you’re tanned!

It also has a zip which I love and has just lasted forever. I can’t even remember where I got it from but, I love it.


girl things

what to take to the beach



Firstly I have a towel. That’s probably not an essential to everyone but trust me, I have been to the beach so much and forgotten a towel and just having one in my bag means I can carry one and have this one spare or even just tucked away for my own pleasure!


Suncream is something I couldn’t (and shouldn’t) go a day without during the summer. I cannot leave the house without an extremely high suncream on my face. As you can see I carry a factor 50 for my face and neck and a 15-30 for my body.


girly things

My hair brush is another essential,  if I don’t carry my hairbrush it’s literally like trying to brush out a piece of tumble weed that night. I cannot go in the sea without brushing my hair after.

I take my ipod shuffle in my bag. It doesn’t matter if it gets sandy because there’s nothing to break, I try never to take my iphone with me and my ipod has all the music I want. It’s also really handy to just clip on to my bikini.

beach day essentials

  • I make sure to carry a spare hair bobble so I can proceed to put all of my hair on top of my head at any given time.
  • Some hand sanitizer because I am obsessed with germs and who knows what germs I will carry home if I don’t hand sanitize at the beach…
  • Some deodorant. I hate smelling bad so I always carry deodorant to re-apply after I’ve been in the sea. This probably isn’t recommend but, I can’t help it.
  • A lip balm with a high factor. Mine is factor 30 and it just prevents my lips from burning!
  • My sunglasses are an obvious must but, they are an essential to me so they had to be included!!
  • My kindle. I only got my kindle for Christmas so I have yet to take it to the beach but, it’s an essential to me. I always take books to the beach.
  • Face wipes. I love taking face wipes to the beach. If i feel greasy from such a heavy sunscreen or even if I have some makeup I need to take off, it makes me feel refreshed and tons better if I do feel a little grubby.

aussie hair conditioner

Finally, is my aussie leave in conditioner. I love this stuff for when i’m sat on the beach with wet hair and I just know it’s going to be a pain to brush. It smells amazing and a little goes a long long way.

Links To My Favorite Things:

Below I am just going to include some of my favorite things from my beach day essentials with their links and where I got them from, for you to check out and research for you beach day survival kit!

Fifty plus sunscreenEU Link  –  US Link 

I used to use the above sunscreen all the freaking time when I was younger, I only stopped because you can’t find it anywhere near me.

High Factor Lip BalmEU LinkUS Link 

I get chapped lips all year round but if you have ever suffered from a lip burn, oh my god you have not felt pain. It is so sore and something I never want or need again.

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance – EU LinkUS Link 

If you suffer from dry hair or knots like I do at the beach a leave in conditioner will literally help so much. I just spritz a small amount on before I leave for the beach and then every time I get my hair wet and sit back down. It makes a HUGE difference.


I hope you enjoyed learning about my beach day survival kit and all of the essentials I need. If you did please let me know in the comments below and also let me know your beach day essentials!


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