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Date Night Purse Essentials

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I love knowing what other people carry around with them, I guess i’m just extremely nosy in that way! So, when I saw a thread online asking people what they would take in their purse if they knew their date would end in a ‘sleepover’ it got me thinking.

There’s a ton of things you would take but you don’t want to seem like you know you’re staying round so, it has to be discreet… That’s why  I created this list so you know exactly what to have in your purse without making it seem obvious.


Date Night Purse Essentials



First things first if you’re driving to their house and you know you’re gonna stay round and they know you’re gonna stay round, take your obvious necessities such as a toothbrush and some clean clothes however, if you don’t know if you’re gonna stay or if they even want you to stay there’s a few essentials you will probably need…



1 # Some gum. It might seem like an obvious thing to do but, you would be surprised how many girls forget. If you have a pack of gum in your bag no matter what you eat, what you drink or if you stay round you won’t be a stanky mess and you will feel 10x better for it!

2# Spare pair of underwear. No, i’m not saying you’re going to do ‘anything’ in particular, even if you just stay round all night talking or drinking, having a spare pair will make all the difference the next morning and they are also super discreet.

3# Makeup. Don’t take your whole makeup bag, just a few small essentials. Something like some foundation and mascara, keep it simple.

4# Baby wipes. I know I am a huge fan of feeling fresh and clean no matter how tired I feel. I can’t stand feeling even a little ‘grubby’. I always carry some sort of wipes around with me so, instead of taking a packet of makeup wipes and a packet of deodorizing wipes, just slip a small pack of baby wipes in your bag because, they essentially do the same thing.


5 # Phone Charger. This again seems ultra obvious but, imagine your phones on 2 % you have to get home, your date is asleep and you don’t want to go roaming around for his or her charger. If you have your own you only need to find a plug and you’re sorted.


Another tip is to carry a battery pack. They’re inexpensive and could save your life at some point!


6 # Hide some money in your purse. Even if it’s just a 20 dollar note, just keep it hidden and try not to use it. It will come in handy if you order in a pizza and want to buy it or even if you need an emergency taxi and need to get out of there!


7# Headache Pills. I would recommend taking some headache pills just in case you do drink too much or stay up too late. They will at least calm your head until you get home!!


8# Hairbrush. Don’t forget your hairbrush. If you’re like me and you always forget it, this would be the time not to. Just pack in a small, compact one and no matter what at least your hair will be on point the next day.


9 # And finally for the most obvious of all…I’m not suggesting that’s what you’re going to do on your date night but, if you do at least you’re prepared and if he turns round and says he has none, you do. Cheap Protecion!



Date Night Purse Essentials


I hope you enjoyed my post on Date Night Purse Essentials , if you did please let me know in the comments below!


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