7 Drugstore Products That Should Be Way More Expensive

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UPDATED: 02/01/2017


Hi everyone!

I am the queen of bargains (at least i like to think so!). I relish in the thought of getting a good deal on something, even if i don’t particularly want the thing, if i can get it for a good deal, it’s a bargain in my eyes.

As the holiday season is coming up you don’t often see expensive makeup brands making themselves much cheaper, i can understand why but sometimes it does make me mad because a lot of people can’t afford it.

Luckily, i am a huge fan of hunting out amazing products and great deals so i have put together my top 7 favorite high street/drugstore picks that i feel should be way more expensive (i also found there’s so many more affordable brands out this year which is amazzzzing!).

I am going to leave all of the links to the products below each product if you do fancy more of a little peak at them!

1. NYX Primer

dew me up primer

NYX exploded this year and so did this primer. It isn’t the cheapest option in the world but people are obsessed over it. NYX claim it has ‘innovative light reflective gold flecks which create a luminous look that will help keep your skin looking radiant all day. A gel primer infused with honey, gold and collagen’.

I feel like this primer could be a lot more expensive if it was made by a more ‘high end’ brand and people would still buy it.

You can find it Here in the EU for a great price or Here in the US

2. Nail Growth 

Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle

I am the biggest fan ever of this stuff. I use it practically everyday on my nails and it makes such a huge difference. It just makes them feel stronger and seems to help them grow, i literally couldn’t boast about it enough.

The reason i included it in this ‘bargain bucket’ of products is that a lot of Sally’s products can be so overpriced whereas this one, really isn’t and it’s still a great formula.

You can find it Here At An Amazing Price In The EU or Here In The US

3. Sleek Blush

sleek rose gold dupe

I am so so so happy to include this. Whilst it may not be entirely fitting with the title of this post, it is actually a dupe and we all love a dupe.

Sleek is one of my favorite makeup brands (you can read my matte me reviews here and here!).

This sleek blush is a dupe for…drum roll please…Nars -Orgasm. Yes, that’s right. For literally a fraction of the price you can have a Nars dupe and yes it is slightly brighter, it’s still the best dupe around to date.


I found this blush and at an amazing price Here In The EU and Here In The US

4. Real Techniques

real techniques beauty blender


If you’re looking for a beauty blender that isn’t ridiculously high priced, i recommend this one. In the UK the original beauty blender retails for over 16 pounds and the real techniques version is under a fiver.

If we’re honest it does the exact same job, it’s just a lot cheaper at doing so!

Click Here For This Insane Price If You Are In The UK or Here If You Are In The US

5. Setting Mist

elf setting mist dupe

This setting mist is genius at holding your makeup in place, it’s also meant to do wonders for your skin but i’m not sure how much i would buy it for that reason.

People also have issues with the smell of this product but if you can bear that, it’s a little dupe for MAC’S setting spray which is over 21 dollars. Elf is a really cheap yet great quality brand and like i keep saying, i feel like if this spray was made by someone like MAC it would be extremely sought after.

Click Here For An Amazing Price If You Are In The UK or Here If You Are In The US

6. Cleansing Pads

nip and fab cleansing pads photo

You have may have seen everyone talking about these pads and i can understand why. They make your skin smoother, brighter and moisturized.

They cleanse and exfoliate your skin and i personally feel like they could be a lot more expensive that what they are. I also love that they are perfect for any age (finally!).

Best Price In The UK or Best Price In The US

7. Maybelline Mascara

maybelline mascara drugstore

I feel like a lot of people already do opt for drugstore/high street mascara. The trouble is, there’s so many to choose from.

I picked lash sensational because i love it and SO many people recommended it to me, that it was just impossible to ignore. It gives even the tiniest lashes some volume and gives a really big, boasting eyelash effect. This mascara is one of those products that i just feel people would pay more for.


Here Is The Best Price In The UK or Here Is The Best Price In The US

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