The Pale Girls Guide To Fake Tanning (Best Products)

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Hi, everyone!

It’s no secret to anybody that I am incredibly pale. I have been the butt of jokes my whole life, one because I live in Spain and two because I have no hidden illness, I am just inexcusably white.

My parents, my brother and my boyfriend go a golden shade, they only have to spend a few minutes in the sun and they are sun-kissed. You will find them enjoying themselves on the beach, taking no precaution to the sun. Me? you will find me in a hat, covered in factor 50 and searching for that one bit of shade, even if it means sitting in a very unattractive angle. The reason for this is because with being so white, comes really sensitive and freckly skin (mainly my face). I am fully aware that evolution will wipe us out some day soon because it’s so embarrassing.

I take my trusty cap to the beach with me every time. My boyfriend has wonderful olive skin and he has to bring the umbrella under his arm whilst I carry the bag on suncream ( and food lol). I’m sure he pretends not to be with me sometimes as I angle my hat, contort my body and enter the sea with sunglasses and a hat on, despite the waves to height ratio.

Anywho! if you’re a pale goddess like me, you will know the pain of fake tan.

Patchy, orange, too dark, too light, weird looking…the list is endless.

I have spent years and years searching for my favourite products and FINALLY, i have a list I can share with other pale beauties so that we too can look fab in bright colours.

This Rimmel fake tan is one of the best I have ever found. It is meant to last for up to 7 days but I find after two showers it does need topping up, however, it is so easy and forgiving to apply. It rarely streaks, unless you miss a whole chunk of your leg! It also develops in an hour so you know almost straight away if you have gone wrong and what areas to focus on. Mine is in the shade ‘light’ which is dark enough for me at this time of year but I can go up to medium in the summer time. It’s also really affordable, I paid around 7 pounds for mine but it goes down in price all of the time.

fake tan for pale people

Next is the Garnier no streaks bronzer. At first, I really struggled with this tanner, it just made me look so orange and although it didn’t streak, it did make its way into my eyebrows and make me look like something out of the hunger games. I was in desperate need one summer day and needed to give it another go and I actually made it look good. My trick was to mix it with a little moisturiser (something I now alwaaaays do) and it took away the orange tinge on my pale skin. I am not sure if this would work for everyone but I use it on the regular now when I am particularly tanned and so long as I mix it with moisturiser, it works great.

no streaks garnier bronzer

This is the soap & glory instant sun-kissed tan. I think it’s fab and although it does wash off, it’s great if you’re running out the door or need a little top up on a faded fake tan. It also smells delicious, really summery. The colour is also pretty dark but it doesn’t look stupid on pale skin, it just looks sunkissed. It doesn’t leave ANY streaks so if you’re not into fake tan but need it or hate streaks, this bottle lasts for ages and gives you a really magnificent glow.

soap and glory sunkissed tint


This next fake tan for pale skin is the Dove summer glow, I know it’s quite old and usually, you can find it on Amazon or in odd shops but the colour is perfect. It doesn’t develop for a few hours but it develops so naturally and if you apply it every time you come out of the shower it eventually builds up into a really nice subtle tan.

dove fake tan

This next one is a facial tanner (Garnier 1 week glow) and I swear to all of you pale people out there, it’s wonderful. I struggle more than anything with face tan (As I am sure most pale people do!) but this one is soooo good. Mix it with moisturiser and it gives your face a really nice glow, I don’t have to wear foundation when I have it on it’s that good. I swear by this face tan.

fake tan for pale skin

This last one isn’t a fake tan (obviously lol) but it’s just a really good skin prep for before you add your tan. I love soap & glory and this scrub gets stubborn tan off, prepares your skin and makes your skin super soft so I just thought I would add it in.

best body scrub soap and glory


I hope this has helped you and if you have any favourite products for pale people please leave them in the comments below so I can add them in! 🙂 


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