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Friday Night Fun Chill Out Routine

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Hi everyone!

I am a sucker for making big plans at the weekend (especially Fridays!) and then bailing last minute because i would rather stay at home and eat food.

Luckily, i never let anyone down and i did used to feel bad for not going out on a Friday but right now i honestly couldn’t care less and actually look so forward to my Friday nights.

I’m not alone, my boyfriend is equally as introverted on a Friday as me and it’s something we just bond about. Fridays are for food, chill and movies.

Over the years i have perfected my perfect Friday night routine so below i am going to show you step by step what i (we) do and if you’re looking for a fun, chilled night in, you can follow these steps too.

*This ‘Friday’ night routine can be used any night you wish, it is not solely stuck to a Friday….


Friday night routine

chilled beach scene

routine for chilled out night

We finish up work around 5 and our Friday begins!

Between 5 and 7 is the most ‘chill’ time. We either go for a walk or go to the shops for Friday night food (vital part of this chilled out routine!) or we do separate things. For instance i will read my book and eat snacks in the garden whilst he works out or I’ll eat snacks whilst he works out…

Between 5-7 is also a vital time to shower. Any later than this and you risk disrupting the whole timing of the routine.

We also usually sit down and pick a movie together, a top tip is to make sure you both or if you’re alone, know the genre you feel like watching or you could be there all night without ever picking a film or TV show. This has happened to me countless times and it is so annoying.

We also like to get the living room ready by making the sofas extra comfy, lighting candles, making it smell nice, just little things that make you relax.

Remember you can still do all of this if you’re alone, it just means more snacks for you. 


Night time routine for couples

Between 7 and 9 is movie and food time. We will have dinner ready for this time frame and the movie ready to be played. I hate hate hate long films so we don’t often run over time here (yes, i do take it this seriously!).

During the movie or TV show i will also get out some face masks (see my collection here!) or bits and pieces to help us unwind and relax.

I also like to have all of our available snacks laid out in front of us. I know it may seem funny but it’s just something we never do apart from Fridays and to me it just makes the night more special, yes i know it’s just food!

Candles are also really important in this step.

Getting up during the movie is also not an option, there is a window of 5 minutes between 9:00 and 9:05 (totally kidding!!!).



Chill out routine

This is my favorite part of the whole chilled out Friday evening, it’s usually the time we use to ‘game’. We both love gaming and it’s a bit of a Friday night ritual.

We go in to my boyfriends office with snacks and drinks, put our laptops side by side and join the same online games. It’s just so much fun and really something we both absolutely adore doing however, if you’re not in to gaming another step for you here is to either extend your pamper sesh or doing some more snack making together.

Also, if you don’t like computer gaming you can use an Xbox or play station or play board games like monopoly (as long as you don’t argue!).

Again, if you’re alone you can still do all of this i just use ‘we’ out of habit!


chill out routine for couples


The reason for the dots is that it honestly varies what time we go to sleep on Fridays. We are usually so tired from the week that i never know what time i really fall asleep, i just know that i love Friday nights.

We also always try and make sure to tidy up plates and cups as we go along or otherwise Saturday morning gives you even more reasons not to get out of bed and it just doesn’t make you feel nice!


Extra Tips

If you need some more ideas, i have you covered!

  • Going to the cinema and some dinner is literally my favorite thing to do and it’s such a nice chilled out thing to do on a Friday.


  • Cooking together and then sitting down and eating it together is so lovely. It allows you to chat about everything and anything.


  • If you’re alone turn Friday chill out nights in to a night for you. Do your nails, skincare, your hair and have a movie planned out. It is seriously important to have time for yourself and having a day to look forward to is really special.


  • Putting away your phones is also really important. If you’re with your partner just put your phones on silent or away in a drawer, just whilst the movie is or when you’re making dinner, try it.


I really hope you enjoyed reading all about my Friday night chill out routine! If you did please let me know in the comments below or let me know what you do to chill out either below or via my social medias!

Have a great day,


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