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Garnier Tinted Self-Tan Face Cream Review – Must Read

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Hi everyone!

I am so looking forward to have a really in depth chat about this Garnier self-tan cream. I have had it for a few months now and i think it’s finally time to be able to share a fair but honest review about this facial fake tan.

No more ramblings, let’s just get in to this face tan review!


Garnier Tinted Self-Tan Face Cream


First Impressions?

Garnier no streaks facial bronzer

The reason i bought this fake tan a few months back is because I am so pale and I never ever put my face in the sun, not without factor 50, sunglasses and a hat. I live in Spain and the damage the sun does just terrifies me and plus i hate when my freckles multiply, therefore every summer i try and test out a new facial fake tan.

I saw this in Superdrug and it must of been my last day of shopping in the UK as i remember scowering the shelves until  i found the perfect one.

The Garnier self-tan cream stuck out because it was cheaper and it looked a lot better than some of the others, also Garnier is a name we all know and for some reason i just went for it (as did my mum!).

The bottle is quite small at only 50 ml but, once you start using the fake tan you are aware that you really don’t use up a lot and it’s also really handy if you need to take it away with you as it can go in your hand luggage.

I also liked that it advertised a 1 week glow (a tan that could last up to a week). I was unsure how this would work but it did sway me in to buying it. As did the promise of a no fake tan smell and ‘no streaks’.

Overall, my first impressions were of excitement and positivity. 


So…What Happened When You First Used It?

Self-tan cream for face review

I exfoliated my face (as directed) made sure it was all clean and began applying. I did apply way too much the first time i used it. You only need a small amount and then you can build on that.

You do notice a slight change of colour when you first apply the self-tan cream which i really liked. I usually forget where I have or haven’t applied fake tan and so the fact you can see where it’s going is a really great thing.

The next morning however was the decider because although it doesn’t state this, it does develop over the course of time so don’t apply too much on the first use!!

I did also have a funny line around my hairline but, it does say to blend all of this in which i obviously didn’t do! so that’s my fault and not the fault of this no streaks bronzer!

Again, i was pretty pleased but then some problems started to show…

Any Negatives?

fake tan for face

If you’re a regular on my blog you will know that i take skincare quite seriously. I like to exfoliate once a week, i wash my face thoroughly every night and Sundays are a day of pamper.

I find it really hard to relax and go to sleep if my face isn’t washed and so of course no matter what, i need to make it clean.

Because this product can give you up to 7 days of colour, i didn’t even think that it might rub off all of my hard work. I didn’t scrub as hard and nor did i rub my face with a towel but, the facial tan did come away slightly.

This was expected, if you apply anything to your face and then try and wash it off, it’s going to come away ever so slightly. I was impressed by its staying power because it did stay put, it just wasn’t as dark the next morning.

Gif of garnier facial tanner

So whilst i was impressed by its staying power, i was also sad at not being able to do my usual facial scrub routine!

One more tiny thing is i always seem to forget a patch of skin somewhere. This is usually on my neck and where i found the tan develops over a few hours it does make me look really strange. This of course is all my own fault as i am surely just a terrible tan applier but it’s just something to note if you are bad like me, to make sure you have gone over everything!

Also, I did mention this before and although the size of the bottle is handy for travelling with, i do wish it was a little bit bigger for people like me who use it once a week and can’t keep re-stocking!


And…The Positives?

Garnier 1 week facial tanner

Because i am so sickly pale i do struggle to find a facial self-tan that doesn’t make me orange or extremely patchy. I usually mix my self-tan with a moisturizer to take away some of the tint however, i didn’t do that when using this face tanner and i am so glad i didn’t. It is the first i have used that hasn’t made me patchy (only around my hair line, but you are meant to blend that!) or orange.

I do tend to apply a dark body tanner beforehand so that i do match my face and body but even so, i am so impressed with the colour of this product (i got mine in ‘medium‘).

I also loved the smell. I usually hate the smell of tanners, especially facial tanners but this one smells nice and summery and doesn’t linger on your skin. The tan also didn’t transfer on to my pillow or clothes, huge thumbs up for that alone.

The final thing i really liked about the Garnier face tanner is how moisturizing it actually is. It leaves your skin really soft and unlike a lot of other self tanners, it doesn’t leave your face greasy at all.


Overall Thoughts?

Overall for this review of the self-tan cream i do feel like the bottle could of been a little bigger. You also need to make sure you have applied the product everywhere properly to avoid neck patches like mine!

Having a thorough skincare routine will remove some of the product from your face but, this can be avoided by just applying a little bit more every other day (like you would a moisturizer) and not scrubbing so hard.

I love the colour, the price and the fact that it really doesn’t leave you streaky. It’s cheap compared to other facial tanners but then again it is quite small ( at least the one i bought is!).


You can check out this Facial tanner for the best price online by clicking here if you are in the EU or the US. 

I really hope you enjoyed this review of the Garnier self-tan cream. If you did please let me know in the comments below and let me know any questions you have below or via my social media ( linked below!).

Thank you so much for reading,


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