How To Wear Gray Eyeliner and My Experiences With It

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Gray (or grey) eyeliner is a new move for me. I have seen it in my mums makeup bag for years and never thought twice about what it actually did.

I know that sounds stupid but black and brown eyeliners were just a go to move for me and never did i ever think to branch out and try the forbidden gray (unsure if that’s a fifty shades of grey reference!!)

I was recently in KIKO and decided to pick up a grey eyeliner and as I popped it in to my bag I was overwhelmed at the excitement that awaited…


what to do with gray eyeliner


How To Wear Gray Eyeliner/My Experiences With It


Who Suits Grey Eyeliner?

I personally think everyone can try a bit of grey. It’s usually pushed towards blue/green eyes but, recently whilst browsing the web I have stumbled across some amazing brown eyes lined with grey liner and it looks to die for.

I can only talk about how it looks on blue eyes but, I imagine it works the same for everyone.


How Do I Use Gray Eyeliner

All I did was use it like I would my normal eyeliner. I lined my waterline and i even went in to the corner of my eyes.

I also found you could use it for a less dramatic wing look and if you’re trying out a more subtle smokey eye look.


What Did You Think Of The Grey Eyeliner? 

Personally? I loved it. It made such a change to my usual black or brown and it really made my eyes pop. The only thing I didn’t like was how it didn’t last as long as my usual darker colors.

I know that’s all down to me and my personal ‘black/brown’ preferences but, I just like stuff a little bit more dramatic.

Overall, I did actually love it and i really would wear it again. It makes such a nice change and makes my eyes really stand out.

So a definite new beauty must have for me. I really love this grey eyeliner too and people have so many great things to say about it online.



kiko grey eyeliner


I really hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please let me know in the comments below.


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