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I Am Changing My Life…Begrudgingly

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Hi, everyone!

I’ve had so much going on these past few weeks that I seem to have neglected my lovely, carefree, stress-free, hair in bun, no makeup on and still OK blog. It’s been all stations go at work and it’s incredibly hot here. I don’t just mean ‘oh let’s sit in the garden and have a nice iced tea‘, no this heat is ridiculous. If you took iced tea outside here, it would be actual tea before you put your little feet up to rest. I actually burnt my foot on my shoe yesterday trying to put it on and yes I have told everyone that story.


Whilst I have been sooooo busy with work and unapologetically falling in love with every episode of ‘Ackley Bridge’, I have also started getting fit and into shape.

This is a big deal for me because one) I like crisps and white bread ALOT and two) I have bad habits that die hard and getting into shape properly and in a healthy way was a big step for me.

It all started (at this point) almost three weeks ago, it was my Dad’s Bday and we all went out to lunch, I loved every second of being out and all dressed up but hated every second of being in a dress that fit me perfectly the year before and now had me gasping for air , I felt like a poor Victorian woman strapped into a corset sat at a dinner table and having to second guess every movement in case I snapped a rib, except this was a floaty H&M number and it should not have been that tight. I know we fluctuate all year round but I really looked at my body that night as I ripped the dress/corset off as soon as I walked in the door and flung on some baggy pyjamas and I felt like I was getting fat.

Before I continue I just want to say there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being chubby/fat but I just wasn’t happy with what I was looking at, it’s my own preference with my own body, nobody else’s and I was just not happy.

The next morning I talked to my Boyfriend about it (He’s worked out since forever so thought he would be cheaper than a personal trainer who I would undoubtedly embarrass myself in front of – especially if they were a man and good looking) and he agreed to help me get into shape, he didn’t take me seriously at first because I am a gal who thinks food tastes so much better when consumed in front of movies and TV shows, the way I looked at food was the way Noah looked at the animals walking into his arc – two by two. I am a gal that won’t exercise or walk because it’s just ‘too hot‘ and I am a gal that can smile from ear to ear and squeal when presented with a packet of cheese and onion crisps.

A week in and my boyfriend knew I was serious, I was pestering him to push me harder. We changed the shopping list to not include choccie biscuits and instead filled it with healthy snacks for me to nibble on when the temptation is just too much and my inner sugar addict emerges (think the lady from the ring except fat).

I don’t want you to read this and think I am one of them girls that looks incredible when they workout, a girl that looks good covered in sweat and tears. No, I do not look good. I look very red, very sweaty and VERY determined. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Next Monday is my three weeks ‘weigh in’ if you will, even though I refuse to use scales. I have only started noticing a small difference as of yesterday when I realised I no longer looked bloated after a meal.

My skin has improved DRASTICALLY, no skincare product could do what exercise does. My mood has improved, I am no longer lazy and my anger at small things has almost gone.

The heat is a MAJOR issue, working out is an absolute nightmare, but I feel like it’s more of an accomplishment to me when I do battle through the cardio with sweat pouring from my calves (did you know that could happen??)

In a few weeks, I’m thinking 6-12 weeks I am going to post before and after pictures. That is if I haven’t collapsed from heat exhaustion and if I have the actual confidence to put my very unfit body out there before I was this fitness guru.


Thanks so much for reading,

Lauren. x

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