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Kiko Perfect Gel Duo In Depth Review

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Hi everyone!

I am so excited to sink my teeth in to this review. It feels like FOREVER since I’ve done a review (this is my last one!).

I am a huge fan of picking apart a product (for good and bad reasons!) and i am so eager to talk to you about this KIKO gel duo. So…let the review begin!


KIKO gel duo review


My nails have failed me for years, they just don’t like to grow, they like to snap and snag. I used to wear acrylic nails a few years ago and unfortunately they ruined my nail beds which makes it a million times harder to grow my nails.

This a problem because I love nail art and painting my nails and i hardly ever have the nails to be able to create new designs. Anyway moving on from my tragic nail story, my boyfriends mum came round and presented the gel duo to me, i was honestly over the moon because it’s so thoughtful and two i am in love with kiko.

The very next day i prepped my nails and began application so that i could tell you all about this product and what it’s actually like…


First Impressions?

KIKO gel duo picture

The packaging is gorgeous. I love that the colour is clearly stated all over the box (681 Cyclamen). I hate when i’m buying something and have to keep opening the box to check it’s the right shade.

I also liked the silvery/metallic box the nail polish came in. It’s quite rough to the touch which makes it a bit more special.

It has instructions on how many coats to apply on the side of the box which is always useful if you aren’t familiar with the consistency of the nail polish or even the time you should wait between coats.

The size of the nail polish bottles are also amazing. I know nail polish lasts for quite some time but it’s nice to know you aren’t just buying a little sample of something, so i was really pleased with the size.

Another silly thing i noticed but really thought was great that usually when you buy a gel nail kit or duo, you need a special UV lamp or an hour waiting time. This just dries naturally. It also doesn’t require you to use any strange removal techniques, it just comes off with normal nail polish remover!

My first impressions were pretty great and at first I didn’t really have anything bad to say about it!


What Was It Like?

gel duo picture

As i unscrewed the top of my nail varnish, the lid came out of the silver lid. I am not sure if it is meant to so that you have easier application but, it would of been annoying had i of dropped the bottle! I just screwed it back in and honestly, it wasn’t even a problem.

The colour was really true to what it had on the exterior of the packet. It was a really nice, deep purple and although it does say apply two coats, after one coat i didn’t notice any patching or discoloration and could of gotten away with it!

It also dried quite quickly which makes it even better to me, i am the worst and realizing i need something right after i paint my nails.

The gel top coat was so easy to apply and although i didn’t notice a huge difference at first, once it had dried i personally felt like it looked how it does when you get them done professionally.


Any Negatives?

Honestly, i have only one and a half (i say half because it’s pretty nit picky!). I don’t really think it’s much of a negative but more of a weird thing. Basically kiko sell the perfect gel duo in a ton of different colours which is great and amazing but, each time they come with a new gel top coat. That’s fine if you’re like me and have just the one shade but if you go for two or three, you will eventually end up with loads of gel top coats!

Okay here comes my half negative. It’s not even really a negative for most people but i feel like i have to include it in negatives to make a point. My half negative is that it is a ‘special edition’. I hate when companies do this! It makes me so mad because i feel like you can find something you love and it works for you and then you can never find it again! This is more makeup than nail polish but even so, i ¬†really don’t like when companies do it. I understand why they do it, but i don’t like it.



So…How Long Did It Last?

picture of my nails in kiko polish

(Excuse my terribly short nails!!!)

I painted my nails on the Monday, I had tons of work to do that week, i was constantly putting my hands in and out of water, i have short nails and usually my nail polish chips within days but this one stayed right up until…

Saturday morning!

It’s meant to last for up to 5 days and by Friday i did notice a tiny bit of chipping on one nail and Saturday I decided to remove it.

I usually chip nail varnish the next day and for it to stay that long really surprised me. I also did my toes and they are still going strong with not a chip in site (why do toes do this?!).

Overall i am so impressed with how long the gel duo actually stayed put.



Overall i really, really love the perfect gel duo. The bottles are quite large, it lasts all week, the colour is really pigmented and true to its word and you can use the gel top coat on any other polishes you have to make them look professional and more put together.

I was a bit concerned for people buying a ton of different colours but i guess you then have lots of gel top coats and you probably need to buy any for a while! I also didn’t like the whole ‘special edition’ thing but i can get over that!

I do own loads of KIKO nail polishes and although i think they are always qood, this duo has to be my favorite, just because they make your nails look professionally done. I can also imagine they look even better if you have long, nice nails… unlike me!


Score 9/10


Thank you so much for reading have a lovely day,


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