Let’s Work Together


My name is Lauren and I am a dedicated blogger who runs and owns my fair share of websites. Girl versus makeup is my hub and comfort zone and on this blog, you will find everything from life advice, beauty tips, product reviews, lifestyle posts, DIYs and much more. 

You can read more about me on my ABOUT ME PAGE, however, if you’re satisfied without the nitty gritty please read on about my media kit.

I have two packages available at the moment, if you are interested in either package please contact me via my email:

girlversusmakeup [at] yahoo.com 



Some Brands I’ve Worked With:

Work with a beauty blogger

my media kit

Getting exposure, an honest review, feedback and more people reading and talking about your product is something all brands strive for. Over the years I have built up a gang (I can’t think of a word less harsh than ‘gang‘ so gang it is) that read my blog, trust me and my opinions and want to hear more.

If you want more exposure from me and my lovely audience (mostly in the UK and US) then do get in touch.

My Packages:

Both can be tweaked to your liking (within reason), just send me an email and I will see what I can do.

Pink Package:

  • 500 -800-word blog post about your product.
  • Promotion across all of my social media channels for one week.
  • One draft email of the headers and draft content.
  • 2-3 Photos of the product.
  • The blog post will be ready 5 days after the arrival of the product (unless it’s skincare).


Please contact me for prices. (email above and below)


Yellow Package:

  • 1000 -2000 word blog post about your product.
  • Promotion across all of my media channels for two weeks (including pins).
  • Two draft emails of the blog post and any points you wish to add (if I am in agreement).
  • 5 photos of the product + 1 -2 gifs of the product.
  • The post will be ready 1-3 days after the arrival of the product (unless it’s skincare).


Please contact me for prices. 


I may also accept products as ‘payment’ but this can be discussed via email.

Monthly Visitors: 6000 – 9000 Avg.

Social Media Followers: 19K +

I also have other social media networks unconnected to this blog where I promote my blog posts that aren’t included in my social media stats.


How it works

Contact me to arrange the shipping of your product, things you think are worth mentioning in my review/blog post and anything else you need me to know or I need you to know.

Once the product has been shipped and is safely in my hands I will let you know and I will get on to making the blog post and reviewing your product, depending on which package has been selected.

Payment is then sent via PayPal. Once received,  I will send you your drafts to see if you are happy.

Once we are both happy it will be published and promotion will commence!


If you have any questions or wish to get in touch about either of these packages please contact me via email: girlversusmakeup [at] yahoo.com I always aim to reply within 24 hours.