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The Struggle – A Nice Bod or Food

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my internal struggle

Hi everyone!

There is a particular type of person out there that I envy, this person is that one girl that eats a lot and never seems to put on weight.

I scroll through my Instagram waiting for this person to at the very least look terrible in her New years eve dress. I was so ecstatic when Instagram brought out their ‘zoom in’ feature so that i could really see what this person looked like but, to my absolute heartbreak this person never ever looks bad and I hate them. 

Fortunately I am not going to pretend that it’s unfair because i eat less than them because, I don’t. I eat just as much if not more. I have nobody to blame but myself when it comes to putting on weight, because I like food and have absolutely no control, especially around Christmas time.

I also won’t lie to myself and pretend to get myself fit in January because I won’t.

It’s not that I gorge on junk food 24/7 (a girl can dream) but I don’t like this internal struggle that seems to hit everyone at some point in the year. Order another plate of nachos or fit in to my new dress this summer? The answer is obvious to me – nachos always.

The cinema seems to be the only place people feel comfortable enough to eat as much as they like. When the lights are off, food can run down your chin and because your date is so involved in the movie, they didn’t see you devour that whole bag of popcorn.

I completely understand that keeping yourself healthy inside is very important, but isn’t that what water is for?

Totally kidding! – health is important but it shouldn’t take away my desire to eat a whole box of quality street. I want to be able to enjoy my birthday cake without feeling guilty for not sharing it.

I want to prove to men that i can in fact, out eat them. It apparently is ‘greedy’ to say these things and god forbid i could actually beat a full grown man in an eating competition (which i can). So why should i go through stores and on social media to find the next fad diet? to get bikini body ready – what if i feel ready?

Throughout my teens i missed so many amazing food eating opportunities because i didn’t want to put on weight. I regret all of that now and i had known to just eat healthy and indulge every now and again, it would of saved me a lot of heartache.

My health is important to me but so is satisfying my deep down desires for chocolate and that’s called balance. Moderation is key and honestly i have never really felt happier about my body at this point in time.

I’ve given up with ‘treat days’ and diets. I eat healthy food, i eat everything in moderation and if i want to sit on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate and devour a whole packet of biscuits, i will.

Sooooo many people experience this feeling, food or nice body and honestly if you can keep moderation in mind, you can have both.

I am sorry to say this but your Granny was always wrong because you can have your cake and eat it. (so long as you eat better afterwards).



Do you struggle with the same internal dilemna as me?

Have a great day, thanks for reading!


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