Pamper Night Time Routine For Girls

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If you’re not floating around in a big fluffy dressing gown, with a face mask applied and your hair being deeply conditioned then, you have come to the right place. I have made a guide like no other on how to help you have the BEST night time pamper routine, ever. 

This Pamper Night Time Routine Guide is short and sweet with nothing complicated on offer, so that right away you can get working on yourself.

So, slip in to something comfy, relax and get reading.



You will need  – Face mask and/or make up remover

Comfy clothes

Netflix/favorite tv show

Ok, this may seem to easy but, it is only the first step. Before you can start to relax you need to really, relax. It most pamper guides the bath would come first but, no sir not here. I want you to relax before you even think about trying to unwind in the bath. I don’t know about anyone else but, if I try and bathe first, I start to worry about my make up running down my face, my hair getting wet, my bedroom being messy. So, that’s why this comes first.

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First up get in to your comfy clothes. They can be anything from your pajamas to your favorite tracksuit. Just make sure you’re comfortable and at ease.

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 Next, remove your make up via your face mask or with a wipe, just make sure your face is fresh and completely make up free. Here is where if you haven’t already applied your face mask you do so.

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Begin to relax. Pull your hair away from your face and let the face mask do its job. A great tip for the pamper night routine guide would be to use a ‘peel off’ face mask as you then don’t have to get up to wash it off! Here’s a great one I found online:


face mask



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You will need



Phone for music or youtube

Clean comfy clothes

Your favorite Lotion

1 #

 Right now you should light some candles and prepare your bathroom. If you don’t have a bath, feel free to have a shower as really all we are doing is trying to relax our muscles and cover ourselves in our favorite lotions. 

Once you have it all ready jump in to your shower/bath and cover yourself in your favorite smelly things. My favorite smelly things are  on the following links

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2 # 

If you’re in the bath try and only use your phone to watch a show or listen to music, try to stay away from texting and social media. After all we are trying to relax ourselves and switch off. 


This next step is just going to be non specific. You will see what I mean when you read on.

I personally now in my pamper night time routine would do my nails. This is the reason it is non specific because it is not something every girl would like to do. If you were to do your nails I would use something like a ‘nail remedy‘ such as this one

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If however, you didn’t want to do your nails right away or at all, I would cook up an easy, healthy meal or order a takeout. After that it’s down to you, to sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of your night whilst not lifting a finger.

I hope you enjoyed my Pamper Night Time Routine Guide For Girls. If you did please let me know in the comments below!

Lauren. x



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