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I Tried Out Peel Off Lip Tint And This Is What Happened

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I have wanted to try these peel off lip tints for absolutely ages, i actually find them a really good idea if you’re spending the day at beach or chilling by the pool to have a constant ‘Lip colour’ on.

If they work is a whole other story…

My Boyfriends wonderful mum actually got them for me and I just couldn’t wait to try them out. I’m not going to lie i did make her try a colour with me when i first got them and well…it was a little bit of a mess but it was so much fun to do.

I’m not going to talk too much about them right here, I am going to try each and every colour out and write down what i felt about them at the time of  ‘putting on’ and i then I am going to say exactly what i thought about them all right at the end so, lets’begin with these peel off lip tints!




The first lip tint i tried was the shade ‘Lovely Peach’. It’s a really ‘pinky pink’. The packaging makes it look quite nice subtle but as you can see from the gifs and pictures below, it was really bright when you start applying.

I quite like the smell of this one, it’s peachy (duh!).

I will say they are hard to apply, i would definitely invest in a lip brush to apply them. I found out the hard way and ended up with pink teeth.

lip tint in peach

pink peel of lip tattoo

what happened when i used a lip tint

As you can see it actually left a really nice, subtle stain on my lips! I was shocked, I didn’t think they would make all that much of a difference but, honestly it looks like I have just applied lip balm.


#1 (1)

Next up is ‘Sweet Orange’. Now, my complexion does not suit orange colors, i am way too pale so, I thought that this color would probably be one i wouldn’t use all that much.

sweet orange lip stain (20)

The smell is also quite sickly (but not unbearable).

I do love the novelty of these products, it’s so much fun making this post. I am also really pleased by how quickly the lip tints dry, my guess is the longer you leave them on, the longer they stay on. Mine start peeling after a few minutes and that is when i take my queue. (21)



The sweet orange peel off lip stain was the color i was most shocked about! I thought i would hate it but its actually really complimentary (or i like to think so!!). It looked really nice in real life and I will use it again.


#1 (2)

Next we hvaave ‘Rose Pink’ again. this one looks like it will be a dark pink but it’s actually quite a ‘pinky pink’ so, the pinks aren’t quite true to colour.



This color is really pink. Like bright pink! I think it will be nice at the beach or days where you want to wear really minimal makeup. The smell was my least favorite out of them all, it just smells really synthetic. However, the colour was one of my favorites so i guess i’ll just have to put up with it! (22) (23)

#1 (3)

Next is ‘Watermelon’, this lip tint does actually smell of sweets that taste of watermelon, which is nice if you like them. I wouldn’t say the smell lasts too long but, i really like this color.



It’s subtle but perfect for beach days, i know i keep saying that but i can’t emphasize it enough! I have also found all of the pinks look quite the same coming out of the tube and on to the lips but they actually don’t look the same when you peel off the lip stain. (24)


#1 (4)


Second to last we have ‘Sexy Red’. We all know i am such a red lip kinda girl and if i could have red lips without having to re-apply, that would be revolutionary.

DSC_0038 (25)


The smell is not nice, in fact all of them don’t smell too great but it doesn’t really bother me because you do peel it off. Sexy red is a really bright red but it did fail...It’s kind of a good thing because it is the only to have failed.  When i peeled it off, it was patchy and dyed the area around my mouth!


#1 (5)

Lastly, we have ‘Cherry Red’. This is probably the best smelling lip tint. It smells like coca cola bottle sweets, which is nice but does make you hungry.

DSC_0039 (27)


It’s a dark red and looks promising. I actually really liked this color. I would probably wear it underneath a matching red lipstick for extra wear.




#1 (6)


I think the novelty is great, they are really good fun and the colors (although the pinks aren’t that true to their packaging) are really cool.

I love the idea of wearing them and not having to re-apply lipstick, they’re also really cheap and work out a lot cheaper than buying individual lip stains.

The smell wasn’t the best but, like i said earlier on in this post, that didn’t really bother me as you do peel it off anyways.

I really recommend using a lip brush to apply these lip tints as they do get messy and they are quite thick to apply. I think the longer you leave them on the longer the tint colour stays put (I just didn’t have enough time to test it out!)


Overall, i really do think i will wear these on beach or pool days or even days when i don’t want a full on lipstick on my lips, just a subtle color. I had read a few bad reviews on these lip stains and honestly, i feel like people have been a little harsh criticizing them.

After testing them out, i don’t feel like they are just a novelty, i feel like i would actually wear them if i had the time to apply and wait.

If you do want to check out these peel off lip tints you can check them out for the best price online by clicking here if you are in the EU and here if you are in the US. 


I hope you liked hearing about what happened when i tried out the lip stains, if you did please let me know in the comments below and let me know what you think about them!


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