Professional Make Up Tips You Didn’t Know About –

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There’s a million makeup tips out there we don’t know about, the tips the make up professionals are keeping from us. But I have found out some of them and decided to share them with you.

Professional Makeup Tips You Didn't Know About

1 # Matte Lips

Did you know you can make your lips look instantly matte by applying  a dusting of loose powder across your lips?

2 # Make shift contour 

 Ran out of your favorite contour kit? You can use a loose/pressed powder that is around 2-3 shades darker than your foundation to make a make shift contour!


3 # Dry shampoo 

I always run out of dry shampoo just when my hair really needs it, but did you know you can use talc ‘n’ powder instead and it does the exact same job. Ta dah!



4 # Long curled eyelashes

 Did you buy your mascara thinking it would do more than it promised? And then did you buy your eyelash curler thinking that would help out? well,  I have the solution for you. Heat your eyelash curler slightly with a hairdryer before using it and it will curl your lashes so much more.

5 #  Flawless make up 

Apply your regular foundation with a foundation brush. Using a brush instead of with fingertips or a sponge will give you an even application and you don’t waste any product.

6 # Even tan

 Use a body scrub to exfoliate and remove any dry skin cells. If you are tanning your face, use a face scrub instead. Pay particular attention to your elbows and knees as these areas are the worst for an uneven tan.


7 # Smokey eyes

 If you aren’t great at applying a smokey liner, burn the end with a lighter – wait 4-5 seconds (or until it’s slightly cooled) and apply. It will automatically give a smokey look. No pun intended.


8 # White eyeliner

 Using white eyeliner can make your eyes look so much bigger instantly. Apply the white eyeliner to your water line and then apply a much thinner black line just underneath and you will increase the size of your eyes.


I hope you enjoyed my ‘Professional Make Up Tips You Didn’t Know About’!


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