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Real Techniques Core Collection Kit Review

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I bought the core collection kit a few weeks ago, you can read about that in my Giant Beauty Haul. Anyway, i promised to review them and decided today would be the day…

Firstly, you need to know I am not a huge ‘brush user’, especially when it comes to foundation. I use everything I should but, quite minimally, meaning I don’t really fuss if I am missing something but, seeing the real techniques collection kit on sale I just had to go for it and become part of the gang.


Real Techniques Core Collection Kit


After a few minutes research to see if I was doing the right thing, the core collection seemed to be one of the most popular makeup brush sets and here is exactly what i thought of it…


First Impressions Of The Core Collection?

I was obviously super excited, i couldn’t wait to tear open the packaging and try the brushes out. I know this will sound a little strange to regular brush users but, I wasn’t over the moon with the white carry case it came in. It seemed a little flimsy and like it would get dirty quite quickly… I know this seems pretty petty but it was just something I noticed and hopefully am not the only one!

Even so, I caressed each brush and one by one tried them out over the week to see what they were all about.


Thoughts On The Buffing Brush…

This brush can be used to apply mineral foundation, powder foundation and powders in general. I always apply setting powder so, it was time to try this baby out…

First I marveled at how soft it was.It’s so soft. Like extremely soft. I loved that about the buffing brush. It’s also really easy to hold and use because it does have quite a thick base, it doesn’t soak up too much product and overall it applied my powder better than it had been applied it quite some time!

It’s small enough to get in to all of the cracks but, big enough to get it done quickly and efficiently. I personally loved this brush but, i still had 3 others to test out…


buffer brush review

Thoughts On The Detailer Brush…

I didn’t know quite what to expect with this brush. I had never used a brush to blend in my concealer before and it also seemed quite small but, nevertheless I tried it…

It’s a great brush if you’re using wet concealer (is that the right term?!). It blends beautifully and it covered up all of my imperfections flawlessly, its definitely a favorite of mine out of the core collection kit and will probably get the most everyday use.

I didn’t think I would like how small the brush head actually was but it came in handy when blending out concealer around my nose and eyes. It’s really great and I would recommend it if you’re looking for something to cover red marks or blemishes!


real techniques detailer brush

The Third Brush Is The Pointed Foundation Brush…

I hate to be too critical but this brush is probably my least favorite. I’m not a fan of foundation brushes as it is, for no reason except I don’t feel like they give me much coverage and I am a full coverage kind of gal. Of course not everyone is like me so I just put that down to personal preference.


The pointed foundation brush just wasn’t really for me which is quite sad considering how nice the other brushes are. I will use it to blend out foundation around my forehead and neck because it looks natural but, I can’t see myself using it to actually apply my foundation.

I do think though you could also use this foundation brush to blend out concealer if you had a bigger area to cover or to blend out foundation around the nose. However,I am so sorry pointed foundation brush, we are not a match


pointed foundation brush by real techniques

Lastly, The Contour Brush…

You can probably tell from how dirty it looks in the photos how much I loved this contour brush. It’s easy to use and really gets in to the areas I need it to go.

It didn’t work quite as well blending out my stick contour but powdered contour and easily blendable contour it worked flawlessly. It’s the perfect size and I am so glad they included it in this kit.

Just like the others it’s soft, easy to use and doesn’t pick up too much excess product.

contour brush review

Final Thoughts…?

I am glad I bought this kit. It’s the perfect size to travel with or just keep in your makeup bag and it means I can now experiment with makeup brushes. I did also like that you could make the case stand up for easy access to the brushes but, it did stupidly take me a while to figure out!

I loved each brush in its own way and although not disappointed because it was my own choice, i was a little sad that I didn’t get on with the foundation brush or the white packaging because I could of given the kit a higher score.

Sorry to anyone that loves both of these things but its just my own personal thoughts and something I have to share.

The core collection kit is also quite cheap. Considering some of the prices makeup brush companies are charging at the minute, I think these brushes aren’t too over the top.

The core collection kit is worth the money. I don’t think it would matter if you were new to brushes like me or a an avid user of makeup brushes. Each brush has its own unique style and unlike a lot of other makeup brush kits you can clearly differentiate which brush does what, no two are alike.

Overall score?



You Can Check Out The Brushes By Clicking Here If You Are In The EU Or Here In The US


core collection kit reviewreview of the real techniques brushes


I hope you enjoyed this real techniques brush review, if you did please let me know in the comments below and let me know your thoughts!


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