My Beauty Collection Of Skincare (Week 4)

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Hi everyone!

4 weeks ago I decided to make a new addition on my blog. A little series dedicated to each category of my beauty collection.

Last week it was face masks, before that body lotions and it all started with lipstick.

I love doing these beauty collection posts and today i thought i would share my skincare collection. I always say this but i am not doing this to ‘show off’ or boast about things i own, i just genuinely enjoy sharing what i love and would love to see things that other people use.

I hope you enjoy my skincare collection!


my skincare collection

skincare things i own

soap and glory facial wash

First up in my little skincare collection is my Soap & Glory Vitamin C facial wash. I do have a review for the facial wash here, that urge you to check out.

I try and use this facial wash most nights. It’s really lovely and gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling so soft. Also, i know it is quite expensive but the bottle seems to last for absolutely ages.

gif of soap and glory vitamin C

anubis facial cleanser picture

This cleansing mousse I actually got in a dollibox that I won (ages ago!). I have a little unboxing here!

It’s such a lovely cleanser and the orange inside the cleanser improves collagen in the skin and helps fight against fine lines. If it wasn’t as expensive i would buy a full size bottle. It makes your skin feel so refreshed and clean. I don’t use it that much because i don’t want to run out but if you ever get the chance definitely give it a whirl because it is lovely.

picture of peaches and clean

The peaches and clean cleansing milk is something I had wanted for so long, i finally bit the bullet and bought it. It does ‘melt’ away your makeup (aside from mascara!!) and it does leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and clean but i am always a little disappointed that i can’t use it on my eyes!

I do love the peaches and clean cleanser and will continue to buy it for as long as i can, i did do a really in depth review on it here if you want to know a little bit more.

peaches and clean soap and glory gif

photo of simple quick fix spotless skin wipes

These simple spotless skin face wipes have honestly been one of my holy grail products this year. I think they are so fantastic at removing makeup, helping your skin out and making your face feel like it is actually free of makeup (unlike a lot of other makeup wipes!).

They can be a little pricey but they are totally worth it. I am almost out and it is pretty devastating but, as soon as i can i will be purchasing more.

simple and kiko face wipes gif

kiko skincare scrub and peel wipes

Finally we have these KIKO scrub and peel face wipes. I don’t use these on the ‘reg’ as it does say you are only meant to use them twice a week. I also did mention in my beauty collection of face masks post that i am quite lazy when it comes to washing off products and these you do have to wash off.

One side of the wipe is smooth and the other quite rough, you just exfoliate with the rough side and then go back over your face with the soft. They do make your skin feel amazing and they are such a nice treat but they aren’t a holy grail product in my skincare routine!

I really hope you enjoyed week 4 of my beauty collection, if you did please let me know in the comments below and let me know your favorite skincare product!


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