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Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about skincare, specifically skincare for people in their 20’s. I have noticed a lot of people in this age bracket really don’t know or understand the best things they should be putting on their skin, if anything at all.

I love skincare and spend a lot of time switching up my products and seeing what works for me and I think it’s so important to really get in to the habit of taking care of your face before it’s too late.

I’ve put together a list of my favorite skincare products that I use on a day to day basis. Some are anti-ageing and others just contain ingredients that are good for younger skin.

Skincare for People


simple facial wash

Simple foaming facial wash 

Simple is a brand that I love and I have been using this foaming cleanser for a few months now. It’s really great at getting in to your pores and really clearing out anything that shouldn’t be there. It’s also enriched with ‘vital vitamin‘ which makes your skin feel so soft and clean. It’s not anti-ageing but it’s great for younger skin as it unclogs pores and really leaves your face feeling fresh.

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Simple is an amazing brand that contains no harsh chemicals and is great even for the most sensitive of skin.


pink rapefruit scrub

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit  Scrub

The smell of this scrub is to die for, it’s so refreshing and uplifting. The reason I included it in this skincare list is because it’s a lot less harsh than a lot of scrubs. The scrub unclogs pores, gets rid of blackheads and supposedly prevents future breakouts. I personally think it’s perfect for my skin as I am no longer an oily teen and I am not yet immune to getting spots. It also makes your skin feel amazing.

Although, again it isn’t anti-ageing it is so good for your skin and leaves it feeling clean, fresh and clear.

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Olay anti-wrinkle cream

Olay anti-wrinkle eye cream  


This eye cream is geared towards people in their 30’s but it’s the only eye cream I have found that is actually great for around your eyes, not being too heavy or too light. I don’t personally feel like the age specifications matter with eye creams, surely the heavier the better as it will help prevent around the eye wrinkles?


This anti-wrinkle eye cream is something all people in their 20’s should be thinking about. After removing makeup or getting ready for bed, just dab a little gently around your eye area.

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night cream for people in their twenties

Garnier anti wrinkle night cream 


I much prefer night cream to day cream, I find it goes undisturbed on my skin and I like the thought of it working overnight. This night cream is one of my favorites and is by my bed at all times. It’s light, non sticky and smells great.


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simple oil balancing cleansing wipes

Simple oil cleansing wipes


I have mentioned these wipes a million times on my blog because I am obsessed with them. They remove makeup, wipe away everyday dirt and cleanse your skin, they also are enriched with all sorts of goodness that help control shine and help prevent breakouts.

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dragons blood cleansing pads

Dragons blood pads 

I did a whole review on these pads and the dragons blood mask and it’s obvious I loved them (you can read my review here) . I use these cleansing pads almost every night, they make my skin feel amazing and I feel like I have noticed a difference in the brightness of my skin and my lack of breakouts.

Enriched with hyaluronic acid for plumper looking skin, the acid helps really get in to your pores and deep clean them and the ‘dragon’s blood’ comfort and restores hydration. I think they are perfect for all ages. Use a pad after removing make up and cleansing your face, it feels great.

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dragons blood plumping mask

Dragon’s Blood Plumping Mask


Just like the cleansing pads I feel like the plumping mask is perfect for every age, starting from the age of 20. I use this mask once or twice per week because it delivers an instant moisture shot, a wrinkle plump effect and once again hyaluronic acid and dragon’s blood.

All of this together plumps the skin, gives you a brighter and more youthful complexion. You can use it as a quick face mask leaving it on for 10 minutes or leave it on overnight for a deep cleanse.

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Extra Skincare Tips:

  • If you waste a lot of money on makeup wipes or find they break you out or are to harsh on your skin I really recommend a makeup eraser. I have a whole review on my experience using one. It really shocked me how much I loved it – Makeup Eraser Review


  • Drink water! I know everyone says this but it’s so true. Drinking waters brightens your skin, hydrates your skin (thus preventing wrinkles), it makes you feel great and is great for your overall health. I invested in a giant 2.2 liter water bottle like this one and it’s helped me reach my RDA for a few weeks now and I have never felt better.


  • Always remove your makeup. There was a point in my life when I never used to bother but little did I know how bad it was for my skin. It’s so important to do and helps your skin out a lot and you will thank yourself for it in the future. Keep your makeup wipes by your bed so that you never have an excuse.


  • Don’t tug at your skin! Your skin is so sensitive (especially around your eye area) and tugging and pulling the skin will bring on wrinkles. Don’t pull your skin when drying your face, just pat it with a towel.


  • I am the biggest annoyance in the summer time but it’s something I firmly believe in and that’s to always wear sunscreen. I couldn’t imagine leaving my house without it on during the summer months. Wearing it helps prevent wrinkles, sum damage and premature ageing, just a few squirts before going out will save you years of damage.


Thank you so much for reading! Have a lovely day,


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