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Revolutionary Smudge Proof Lipstick Tried, Tested & Reviewed

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Hi, everyone!

We are rolling into September and I couldn’t be happier that the summer’s over. Not because I have some sort of vendetta against the summer but because I HATE how hot it gets, it’s just unfunctional and now that September is looming I couldn’t be more over the moon that it’s cooling down.

I haven’t been wearing makeup much this summer, literally, I’ve been applying it at an arm’s length whenever I did have to endure the heat and had my boyfriend fanning me with a palm leaf. So I am pretty excited for days to be cooler and my makeup not to roll off my face.

With wearing makeup again comes new makeup and today I want to talk about this smudge proof lipstick that was kindly sent to me by Emmeline.

It’s supposedly smudge proof, waterproof, kiss proof AND it’s meant to last all day long. Of course, we have ALL heard these claims before, some lippies claim to last 24 hours and just stain your lips, some lippies claim to never budge but you find yourself reapplying it every few hours in private as you weep over the hefty price tag and how you have just wasted your money.

But apparently, this lipstick is different.

There are 36 shades to choose from and from that HUGE selection I chose ‘Fire ‘N’ Ice’. Emmeline gave me some guidance as I just had no idea what would suit me and she does this with everyone so if you are unsure on your shade she will advise you.

Testing out smudge proof lipstick for my whole work day

It’s now time to put this lipstick to the test, I applied it this very morning (7 am) and wanted to show you what it looked like at the end of a working day. In this time I am going to eat, workout, work and everything in between. I’m going to try and forget I have lipstick on and take progression photos. I will take these photos on my phone as I don’t particularly want to take my camera to the gym (lol imagine) so the photos won’t be incredible quality, just realistic.

You apply the lipstick in three layers, this just allows it to give you a really nice full coverage and helps prevent smudging. Once it’s applied there’s three glosses you can choose from, a plain moisturizing gloss, glitter gloss and a diamond gloss.

smudge proof lipstick

As you can see after applying the gloss literally nothing was left on the bright white wand applicator. I am super excited to see how this lasts throughout the day.

gif of girl versus makeup

Testing out smudge proof lipstick for my whole work day


Lauren girlVSmakeup gif

4 hours into my work day and there’s absolutely no smudging whatsoever. I was expecting it to have faded or smudged but there was absolutely no movement and no sign of wear. At this point I was more than impressed, not only had I forgotten I had lipstick on but it wasn’t going anywhere. Even after copious amounts of tea, water, touching my face, talking and doing whatever it is I do in 4 hours. 

lipstick after a workout

lipstick aft5er gym workout

This photo was taken around 8 hours after the original photo and I haven’t reapplied it once. Before I even worked out, this is where I thought it would have disappeared, I went hard at the gym. The sweat was dripping from my face, I wiped my face with a towel and it was still staying put. I didn’t have any other makeup on so I must have looked hilarious with lipstick alone but to know it stayed put made me feel so confident and gave me confidence to think that if I was heading out somewhere after, I could have at least a little bit of makeup on to make me look more presentable.

I also showered after the gym and found the lipstick still in place.


smudge proof lisptick after dinner

2-3 hours after my gym session it did start to fade as I ate dinner. The lipstick had virtually gone and it left a few patches on my lips but this was around 11-12 hours after my initial application, which is absolutely amazing. I also don’t blame the food I was eating as I had already eaten during the day and had seen no wear whatsoever.

Also, if you head over to Emmeline’s facebook page you can see her eating KFC and her lipstick is still very much there and looking amazing.

The good about smudge proof lipstick

Something that really annoys me about lipstick that can supposedly withstand anything is the removal, you sometimes find yourself with stained and sore lips, you go through 10 makeup wipes trying to scrub it off and sometimes it’s so patchy you contemplate leaving it on for tomorrow anyway.

But this lipstick has an amazing ‘remover’ that helps it to just glide off with a quick wipe. It’s really amazing and seriously needed when battling against smudge proof, long lasting lipsticks.

It’s also gluten free and not tested on animals, this is something so many of us should be aware of and it’s so nice to see an up and coming brand in the UK to not be tested on animals and humans only.

I LOVED the colour ‘Fire N’ Ice’, I’m not usually a pink lipstick kind of girl but this was a beautiful shade and it really complimented my skin tone and stood out against a lot of other pinks that I own.

If you use the lip colour daily it can last you up to 6 months but it would obviously last the average person longer as we don’t all tend to wear the same colour constantly. It’s an amazing investment if you are a lipstick lover and want something that won’t smudge or come off every hour.

The gloss that came with my lipstick also helped make the lipstick feel a lot creamier and really helped it bind all together and complimented the colour. It’s a must have if you’re thinking about investing in this brand.


The bad about smudge proof lipstick

When I first applied the lipstick, it did sting my lips a little. I’m not sure why but it did go away after about 15 seconds. Also, I was lucky enough to be gifted these lipsticks but if you are buying them there is a bit of a price tag that can put some people off.

However, if you contact Emmeline, she can advise you on what’s best and even arrange a tester session so you can see what you like, the lipsticks are amazing quality and really don’t smudge and last for a good 10 hours. However, because of the price tag, it would be worth getting in touch with her and talking it all through.



Overall thoughs on smudge proof lipstick

I really didn’t know what to expect when I first heard about the lipsticks. We have been promised smudge proof lipstick for years and 9 times out of 10 it has failed and we all feel a little bit let down by the brand. As I had never even heard of this brand I was sceptical but honestly, I have never been more surprised by a product.

The lipstick stayed throughout my entire work day, it stayed on throughout a tiring and sweaty gym session, it stayed on through and after my gym shower and it only started to wear when I finally sat down to dinner and forgot I even had it on.

It is a little pricey but it bloody works, if you’re looking for smudge-proof, stay proof lipstick, please get in touch with Emmeline, she knows what she’s talking about and she’s a business woman on a mission.

Thank you so much for reading,


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