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Soap & Glory Sunkissed Tint Body Lotion Review – Must Read!

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Either I had been living under a rock or Soap and glory released this instant tan body lotion when I wasn’t looking. I had no idea it was even a ‘thing‘ before my mum came running up to me and with tears in her eyes, pressed it in to my hands and told me to run as fast as I could…okay maybe it wasn’t quite so dramatic but, even so i felt a duty to her and all people whom like me had no idea it was a ‘thing’ to test it out and write a super detailed review…

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First Of All…What Is It?

It’s a body lotion that gives you an INSTANT tan. It does wash off and claims to leave no streaks. It’s in the original pink packaging and smells exactly like the original pink but with an added tropical twist! It’s also meant to be ‘long wearing’ so, let’s put this little baby to the test and see what happens…


soap and glory instant tan review

First Impressions And Overall Good Qualities About This Instant Tan?

My first impressions were dubious. Partly because I wasn’t really sure what to expect. There’s no color chart, by that i mean is it dark? medium? light? a gal of my shade needs to know!

I was also pretty scared about the whole ‘no streaks’ thing. I was heading out and didn’t have anything to apply the lotion with except my hands so, it could end in a disaster.

But without any further hesitation and because I am a strong, independent woman and partly because I was in a rush, I took a splodge of the soap and glory instant tan and began to apply

sunkissed tint soap and glory

In all honesty, i was pretty shocked. When the splodge came out of the pink tube I did think to myself ‘oh no, this is so dark’. I had visions of myself being laughed at until the next time I could jump in the shower but, to my actual surprise the more i spread it around the more it actually sunk in and looked pretty amazing.

It left zero streaks. I am not even joking, i was so shocked to find my legs and arms streak-less. I really not sure how that happens but, it looks so even and natural.

I also loved how easy it was to use without a mitt. Something I think people who struggle with tanning or who aren’t religious tanners will appreciate with this sunkissed tint body lotion.

It also lasted all day long too, I didn’t apply enough to my legs because, as I say I was in a rush but, my arms looked sunkissed and as if I had just waltzed off of the beach…

It was really moisturizing too, obviously it’s a body lotion so that’s its job but, it was really rich and smelt pretty great too. It also dried really quickly and didn’t leave any suspicious stains anywhere.

My final thing i loved about the soap & glory instant tan is the size of the bottle. Mine is 200 ml and i know it will last me absolutely ages. It’s also fairly cheap too and if you catch it in a sale it’s even more worth it.

instant tan review


Now… On To The Cons…

Being totally honest, I didn’t really have many. My first one would be that there is no indicator of how dark it’s going to be which could put some people off but, I am pale and it looks sunkissed on me, it’s not orange it just looks natural.

I also didn’t apply enough to my legs for them to make a huge difference so, make sure to apply a good amount when tanning your legs or your legs and arms might be out of proportion.

The instant tan body lotion also had a slight shimmer to it which I adore, but some people might not so, bear this is mind if you aren’t a shimmery person. It’s not noticeable but it’s enough to know it’s there if you are sat in the sun.

My final con is that is washes off. I know this is the whole point of the instant tan to have a wash off formula but, a lot of people like to have a tan for a few days. It didn’t bother me because I appreciate being in a rush, needing a quick tan and not caring for the rest of the weekend what my tan looks like but it’s not something for everyone!



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I hope you enjoyed my review on the soap and glory the righteous butter, instant Sunkissed tint body lotion! if you did please let me know in the comments below and let me know your thoughts!




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