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Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Super Review

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I have been desperate to sink my teeth in to this soap and glory review. I bought the no clogs allowed a few weeks ago now and have literally wanted to talk as loud as i can about it ever since.

I won’t lie to anyone here, I was swayed by the novelty of the ‘super self heating’ promises and that it ‘changes color when activated’, blue to be precise. I read one last review of a girl claiming she had lost a mega spot the night of using this deep pore detox mask and I was sold. (8)


What Is It-

If you don’t know it’s a self heating deep pore detox mask for oily to combination skin. It’s applied directly to the face and is meant to heat up, change colour and really cleanse deep in to your pores.



What Is It- (1)


Just like i said in my little intro. I was sold on the idea of this super self heating mask. It had caught my eye and although it was quite pricey, it was something I had just wanted for so long.

I really like the size of the tube. It was heavy and the i noticed the packaging was quite different to some of the pictures along with the reviews I had read online. The tube is like a fat toothpaste tube, which i love because I could decide how much i wanted to use.

Again, the packaging was really cool. I LOVE soap and glory and their amazing designs but this one seemed a little bit more…mature. It’s white, green and pink. It looks like its just stepped out of the dermatological shelf, so straight away soap & glory have got a thumbs up for this packaging.



What Is It- (2)


I was contemplating even talking about the smell. I absolutely suck at attempting to describe any smell so, if you’re easily confused please just skip this part!

The only way I can describe the smell is ‘minty with a hint of sweetness‘. If you have ever tried the oral b bubblemint chewing gum, it’s a lot like that but less ‘bubblegummy‘ and more ‘this is really strange but really pleasant smell’. The ingredients don’t give me any sort of an idea of how to explain it but, it’s nice okay?


What Is It- (3)


I took the no clogs allowed straight in to the bathroom, along with my mum and we were beyond excited to have our faces turned blue and our pores detoxed and heated.

It does state to use a grape-sized dab of the product but, I just gave us both a blob. Because really, how big is a grape?

This is where I think i messed up. It doesn’t say anything about wetting your face prior to using no clogs allowed so, all we did was take off our makeup and cleansed our faces with a  makeup wipe and some soap and applied it to our dry skin. It felt wrong, it felt weird, it felt as if i was doing the complete wrong thing and it felt hot.


Straightaway you notice a tingly, hot sensation all over your face. The more you rub, the more it tingles. It doesn’t hurt or sting, it’s just ‘hot’. Whatever is inside of the no clogs allowed also feels almost sandy on dry skin, it didn’t irritate either of our faces but i did feel like it could hurt people who do have really sensitive skin. Of course i know nothing about skin and it was never stated to wet your face so i am guessing it is perfectly okay for everyone to use and won’t irritate sensitive skin.

We were both patiently scrubbing our faces for a good few minutes waiting to turn blue. I kept eagerly waiting for it to slowly develop, I even blamed it on my face not being wet but, our faces remained the same.

I had read that a lot of people had said it doesn’t turn blue, just an ever so slightly darker colour. I was dissapointed because its something that the packaging of the no clogs allowed say it does and it never did.

*After the whole event a tiny spot on my finger did actually turn bright blue. Only a small dot that I hadn’t washed off but, it did go blue so take from that what you will!



What Is It- (4)

So after our heartbreak and sadness from never turning blue we decided to wash it off. My mum went first. She did show some signs of worry and concern but never did she voice her problem and so this is when i went in for the kill.

Let me just tell you, don’t panic when your face feels like it has a small flame against it,like i did. This is perfectly normal. (I think!).

When you wash off the the deep pore detox mask it does heat up even more. It’s not as bad as I made it seem but, it is hot. A little not nice hot.

Much to our absolute delight our faces were extremely soft and i couldn’t stop stroking my cheeks all night. I did have a few small spots on my forehead and the next morning they were visibly smaller and almost non-existent. I like to think it was the soap and glory no clogs allowed but, who knows! (7)


What Is It- (5)

I didn’t like that it didn’t turn blue. I even re-tested it the next week and it still didn’t turn blue. I know this may seem petty but, i just thought it was something that swayed me in to buying the no clogs allowed and when it didn’t happen i felt a little let down.

Also, not a bad thing but i was confused as to weather my face should of been wet or not. I’m guessing not but, it did confuse me and i’m even nervous to voice this concern in case it was meant to be wet and i look extremely silly.

What Is It- (6)

I love the packaging and the whole concept of the fat toothpaste tube bottle. I also love the smell, it’s really refreshing and like i stated before, it’s as if it just walked out of the dermatological aisle.

The super self heating aspect of the detox mask was brilliant. It did really start to warm and it really felt like your face was getting a really thorough deep clean. It also made my skin feel incredible and I did notice a reduction in the spots on my forehead.

What Is It- (7)

When i bought this it was more for the novelty and because I wanted to see how fantastic it really was and although i was over the moon with the heating and how soft it made my face, i will keep going on and on and about my sadness with it not turning blue.

However, aside from not being…I absolutely loved it. It made my skin feel amazing and clean, it reduced the appearance of my spots and you only use a small amount each time. I will definitely buy this again once it runs out, it’s a fantastic fat deep detoxifying cleanser, even if it doesn’t turn blue.


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I really hope you enjoyed this Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Super Review! If you did please let me know in the comments below and if you have tried it, let me know what you think of no clogs allowed!

Thank you for reading.


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