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Tips For When You’re Working/Studying From Home

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Hi everyone!

I had a splash of inspiration to write this blog post a few weeks ago when i found myself twirling around in my desk chair thinking about lunch. I had lost all inspiration for work and i was more focused on googling random thoughts than i was actually getting on with what i meant to be doing…

Fortunately do work from home and this isn’t the first time. Before i went to a sixth form to finish my A-levels a few years back (ooh scary) i did my GCSE’S and AS levels from home too. I wasn’t home schooled or anything interesting like that, i just left school abroad and decided i wanted to have some English qualifications and so somehow motivated myself to study for two years….

Any who!

I work from home now and i absolutely love it but there are days where you just need a little extra push and being the expert i am i thought i would list them all out for you, just in case you need help with work or studying yourself!


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#1 Stay Clean

The worst habit i have is spreading scraps of paper all over my desk. I can’t help it and have always done it, i just find it easier to find things that way. However, if you are like me make sure to always tidy them away so that your desk space is clean and tidy for the following morning.

Invest in a paper organizer (something like this!) and just store old bits of writing in here to just clear them away from you and your space.


#2 Don’t Eat There

At the minute i am so busy that i am guilty of eating at my desk but please try and avoid this. Sit outside, sit on the sofa or even just chat to someone. It’ll motivate you to get back to work and will feel less like you have been sat there all day long…

You need to learn how to disassociate both things from one another, work desk is for working not for socializing, lunch and work.


#3 Keep Track

I couldn’t live my life without writing everything down that i need to get done. Make lists of tasks you need to achieve by a certain time and when the time does come you will feel so accomplished.
If you’re working near a computer, have a social media ban. You can install extensions on to your computer that time you and tell you when to take a break and when to get off of facebook. I use this one.


#4 Fresh Air

I know this isn’t possible for everyone but i always try and have my desk against or near a window. Fresh air throughout the day is really important and it allows me to be able to breathe and feel more calm.

Even in the winter months try and have your window open a tiny amount for a few minutes a day, it just allows the air around you to be clean and fresh.

Also another really important thing if you do work from home is to go out more. I didn’t used to do this and ended up in a pretty unhappy place in my life but now i am so aware of the importance of making an effort to get out of the house. Even if you are going out to get milk, do it. It’s so important for us to interact with other people, so even if you are just going to the supermarket, make sure you do go!


#5 Organization

I know every single person mentions this one but it is so true. Staying organized is the only way i can get anything done and the easiest way to do this is keep a diary and bits of stationery to keep it neat (that have really cheap and nice stationery on amazon!) and dedicate notepads and different things to different projects.


#6 Take a break!

Working or studying for an hour and then going on Facebook is not enough! You need to get up and make a cup of coffee or tea, have a little walk around or even just re-organize your desk. Your brain will absorb more and work better just by stretching a little every hour, don’t over-do it or you won’t achieve much that day!


#7 Disconnect

Because i do work from home i do find it hard sometimes to really remove myself from my work environment. I am lucky enough to have my own office space away from my bedroom and lounge but sometimes i need a little bit more.

When i can i like to take a 30 minute walk straight after work to just clear my head and get ready for the next part of my day. I really suggest doing this if you want to reset your brain and keep a happy mindset.


#8 Distractions

Distractions have been the hardest thing for me. I am the worst at saying no if someone wants to chat or even if (when i lived with one) a dog wanted some attention. I just find it rude but it’s something you need to learn how to do. If you’re in the middle of your flow and someone wants to chat, just tell them you’ll be done shortly and you would love to chat then. Getting up and away from your desk will make you lose motivation so learn how to say no.



I really hope you enjoyed reading all about the things i do to stay motivated and on top of everything! If you did please let me know in the comments below and let me know the things you do to stay alert!

Have a great day,


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