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Why I Quit Facebook

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Hi everyone!


I wasn’t going to write this but I feel as if i need to get it out in to the universe and off of my chest, even if it’s just to make myself feel better.

Some people entirely disagree with what I am about to say but i wholeheartedly believe it and is something I have pondered upon for some months now.

I deleted my facebook account. Not deleted, just in case i want the photos, but temporarily suspended this huge part of my life.

You may think i’m mad or you may think I am overreacting but i have some pretty good reasons…

Before I actually suspended my account last year I hadn’t been on facebook for quite some time, just the odd scroll every now and again. I was always a bit of an ‘iffy’ user but even so, i did my fair share of usage.

I remember one time it really clicked for me years back was when I went out with some friends, the night started swell and we had a great giggle but once we left in the taxi and got to the club it was horrendous. The night was awful and was one we all wanted to forget. However, the next day i see all of the photos on my page and statuses where people had claimed what an amazing night it had been.


Even so, I was on facebook everyday, scrolling through pictures and looking at the profiles of people who i met when i was six and added them some years later. I found myself feeling isolated and sad every single time i logged out and i found myself comparing my life to that of everyone else’s.

Don’t get me wrong, i wasn’t addicted and i could go a week without using it but i would constantly be wondering what people i had never even spoken to were up to and it really did bother me.

I am naturally not a jealous person but i found myself feeling jealous all  of the time about people and what they looked like and where they were going and even stupid things like how many friends they had and what they were up to that I wasn’t. Seeing people ‘check in’, to places just to prove to their virtual friends that they had been somewhere cool and interesting. I know this may seem ridiculous but it’s not until you take a step back that you might see you are doing the same thing as i was.


I was in Thailand and i woke up on my birthday and a switch flicked inside of me and i realized i didn’t want people who didn’t know me wishing me a great day. I know that may seem extreme, but it’s the truth. People i hadn’t seen in 5 years would wish me a happy birthday but they wouldn’t know if I liked pizza or not (i do for the record).

I decided to just suspend my account and to never touch it again and that’s exactly what I did. I haven’t been on my facebook since October and at the time of writing this it’s March and honestly it’s the best decision i ever made. I no longer care what photos other people are uploading of me, I no longer care about my friends mum who just got her new car, i no longer care about people off on holiday because none of it matters. It’s all a game of showing others how great your life is when in reality all we do on there is compete (at least that’s my opinion!).

I also understand that people stay on Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family and i get that but i didn’t have anybody on there who i didn’t have on my personal Instagram or have their phone number.

I was just done with the obsession, how addicitve that website is and how much i seemed to care about other people.

Another thing i hate is that it sells your information to companies to target ads at you and it has come out that they constantly run tests on us to see what we do and how we work as an individual and it’s just not something i want to be a part of.

A few days ago I was on my boyfriends facebook looking at my brothers profile page and it that moment i felt myself feel so out of the loop because i had no idea what ‘react‘ meant or how the video now follows you down a page, i had no idea what i was doing but i was also so happy because i shouldn’t care and it’s actually a pretty wonderful feeling to be pretty tech savvy everywhere but on facebook.

I know people will disagree and i know people think facebook is great, which they have every right to but it wasn’t right for me and it has certainly changed my life not using it.


Thanks so much for reading,


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