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Why I Wear Makeup – why girls wear makeup

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As I was growing up the most constant thing boys and some girls would say to me would be ‘why do you wear make up?’. As someone who now loves make up and would do anything for it, I can now answer that.

For me it isn’t a question of wanting to look better or wanting to enhance what I have already got. No. Make up to me is exciting, opening them precious little packages and finding what could be the best mascara of your life, the smell of a new bronzer and the feel of a new brush caressing your skin is why I wear makeup.

I don’t wear it to please other girls, I don’t wear it to please boys. I wear it because I LOVE make up and I love how it makes ME feel. Is that selfish? no, it is not. Make up has the ability to make me go from feeling like utter rubbish to feeling a million dollars.

To all the people who say make up means you’re fake, make up hides who girls really are. Well, look away because i’m here and I am head to toe in make up because it makes ME feel good. I’m still the same person with or without fake eyelashes on.

In a world where gender inequality is still a present issue, girls need to support each other 100%. If your friend wears a little to much tan for your liking, don’t go and tell your boyfriend how stupid YOU think she looks. Support her. If she is happy, let it be. We can’t keep putting each other down.

Make up makes me feel better, a new app on your phone might make you feel better but, we all have our ‘things’ and that’s what makes us unique. answer your question once again, I wear make up because it makes ME feel good, the center of my own universe feels good with make up on, so what? I don’t do it to hide who I am inside, I don’t do it to make people feel inferior nor do I do it for men or women. I do it because I love make up and I love how people can boost their self confidence with a stroke of a brush. If you can be confident and happy without it then go ahead I am not jealous of you because I have something that I love and makes me feel good all at the same time.


Why do you love make up? Let me know in the comments below!


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