The Best Winter Body Scrubs

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UPDATED: 13/01/2017

Hi everyone!

As much as i moan about being cold and longing for the summer to come back around i do actually love some elements of the winter months. Stupid little things like sitting with your duvet on the sofa, Christmas shopping, hats, candles and of course the skincare.

I don’t know about you but my skin seems to run away and die when it gets gold, causing my lips to chap and bleed (ugh!), my skin feels way too tight and of course the snakey, peeling skin. It’s funny because in the summer my skin is the complete bipolar opposite but anywho…

Today i wanted to talk to you about…

Body scrubs. 


the best winter body scrubs

I am the biggest fan of body scrubs, i don’t care if i make them myself or i eagerly wait for them on the doorstep, i just love them and i wanted to introduce you all to my favorite winter body scrubs. For each i am going to do a tiny little review or synopsis if you will so you can see what it’s all about!.


#1 Scrub Of Your Life

soap and glory scrub of your life picture


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I am the biggest fan ever of soap & glory skincare, i have been using it for years as i just believe everything they come out with is so rich and and really does its job.

I have gone through so many of these scrub of your life scrubs in my life and they just remain one of my favorites. It’s super exfoliating but not scratchy, it smells incredible and leaves your skin soooooo soft.


#2 Cocoa Butter

winter body scrub palmers cocoa butter

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I first picked this up in Wilkinsons a few years back as i was desperate and i didn’t totally know who ‘Palmer’s’ was! Once i got it home i cannot explain to your how quickly i fell in love.

Everything from the smell makes me weak at the knees every time I use it. It smells so good that it feels like you could have a quick spoonful of the incredible exfoliating power. It’s infused with cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E which makes your skin feel as soft as silk.


#3 The Breakfast Scrub

soap and glory breakfast scrub review


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I can’t be alone when i say that when i buy people presents like the one above, i die a little inside because i want what I have just bought them… Well, that happened with this scrub.

I bought it for my mum, along with the other bits from the smoothie star collection (that i love). I honestly didn’t think i would feel the pang of jealousy i would feel like when i smelt it once i had given it away.

It is the nicest smelling body scrub in the world, hands down. I reckon i could eat a little bit of it if the time and the place pressured me enough. Even my mum who is the fussiest person when it comes to skincare ‘smells’, died when she smelt this! (just figuratively of course).

Oh, it’s also a fantastic exfoliator, like legit fantastic.


#4 Pinita Colada

pinita colada the body shop

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If you read my body shop body lotion review you will know how much i loved the body lotion in pinita colada. It smells just like pineapple and coconut whizzed together to make you smell absolutely delicious all year round.

Unfortunately i know this smell is discontinued by the body shop for the winter, even though so many people were obsessing over it. I tried out the body scrub and oh my god it’s incredible, so nourishing and really fairly priced online.

#5 Flake Away

winter body scrubs flake away soap and glory

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Surprise, surprise! Another soap & glory product (i did tell you i loved them!)

I don’t personally think that this body scrub is as abrasive as the others but it does work. I use it when my legs are looking dry or if i have just shaved my legs and want something to exfoliate away all of the dead skin.

The smell is also out of this world, it’s sweet, buttery (shea butter that is!) and delicious. Soap & glory have never let me down with a smell, I am even massively warming to sugar crush!


#6 Coffee Scrub

picture of coffee scrub for stretch marks and wrinkles

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I left this winter body scrub till last because it is pretty miraculous. It claims to help reduce and fight against cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, spider veins and detoxify your face and body.

They combine the best ingredients to really give your skin a boost and not only exfoliate deeper than any scrub has gone before but to really nourish and help your skin too.

I also have to mention the 14 thousand reviews on the US amazon and it still has a 4 star rating, this scrub is pretty incredible…


Thank you so much for reading,

Have a lovely day.



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