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10 Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil has been around forever, unfortunately it’s only in the last few years that we are all actually interested in it. I was unsure about coconut oil, the word ‘Oil’ just gives me major anxiety when I think about it on my face or my hair but, seriously this stuff is magic.

It’s got about a million uses ( don’t quote me on that). I love coconut oil, i’m a changed woman. This is my favorite in the US that you can get online for the cheapest price in the by clicking  This link and the EU by clicking here.


10 Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil

1 # Luscious Locks

Coconut oil is seriously good for your hair. It replenishes dry and dull hair, it’s like the ultimate ‘deep conditioning’ treatment. You can leave it for 3-5 minutes in the shower or even sleep with it on (might prove to be more difficult) and you will have the fluffiest, bounciest, shiniest hair, ever.


2 # Body oil 

Apply coconut oil all over your body after coming out of the shower and apply the coconut oil to damp skin. It will sink in and leave your skin super smooth and hydrated. It also smells amazing which is a added bonus.


3 # Pucker up!

 Coconut oil is an amazing, natural lip balm. It softens and moisturizes your lips all day long. I love to apply a generous amount just before bed so, I wake up to soft, smooth lips. My favorite coconut oil also lasts for ages so, you will save a fortune on buying new tubes of lip balm every month.

4 # Nails, Nails Nails! 

Coconut oil is a massive help with your nails. By rubbing the teeniest amount along your cuticles it softens them and moisturizes them making them more prone to growing and becoming stronger. Even our nails need a little TLC.

5 # Makeup Remover

If you have ran out of makeup wipes or even just don’t like what they do to your skin, have no fear because coconut oil can even remove your makeup. All you need to know is take a small amount, place it on to a cotton pad, place in the microwave for a few seconds (or until melts) and wipe away your makeup with ease.

6 # No More Hair

People swear by coconut oil in all kinds of ways, but here is one you might not of heard of. If you have ran out of shaving gel or even if you just want a softer, closer shave. Coconut oil does all that, just apply some to your legs, grab your razor and watch the magic happen.

It is so soft and so good for your skin and completely natural. What else could you want?

7 # Fry up!

Instead of oil, try using coconut oil. Coconut oil isn’t just for all things beauty, it’s actually an amazing thing to add in to our food. It has amazing health benefits and is a fantastic substitute for olive oil, and no your food doesn’t taste ‘coconuty’.

8 #  Reducing Wrinkles 

To help reduce premature aging, just add a dab of coconut oil around the eye area and leave to soak in overnight. It’s a well known anti-ager! combine using it with your beauty regime and implement it in your cooking and you will be raring to go.

9 # Feeling hot, hot hot! 

Coconut oil is a natural sunburn healer. If you’re feeling a little red around the edges after being in the sun all day just apply some coconut oil to the affected areas and allow it to soothe your burns and allow it to reduce pain and naturally heal your skin.

10 # Cracked heels 

Coconut oil when rubbed in to rough, cracked areas of the body, such as your heels penetrates it and soothes the skin, preventing and aiding the broken skin. It’s a natural ‘cracked heel’ remedy. All you need to do is a rub a generous amount around the heel and leave to soak in, there’s no need to wash off.

It also gives your feet a fantastic coconutty scent!


I truly believe coconut oil is amazing, it has so many things it can do and it’s really inexpensive. My favorite is this one US Link and this one EU Link .

I hope you enjoyed my article on 10 Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil, if you did please let me know in the comments below. If you have any other uses be sure to let me know!





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