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Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks Mega Review

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Hi everyone!!

I am soo excited to do this review. I have been waiting on these lipsticks to arrive for weeks all because of my post being so slow. It is something i have learnt to live with but does make me look really ungrateful when SEVENTEEN want to send me their newest lippies! (how inconvenient of them!)

Anyway they are here now, safe and sound in my makeup bag..

…Because I have inspected them, thoroughly scrutinized them and posed with them (hehe).

Welcome to my no nonsense mega review of the newest Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks!


matte lipsticks from seventeen

mega matte lip seventeen photo

I got to choose 3 colours from their giant new range and chose:

  • ‘I Lilac It A lot’
  • ‘Pinking Out Loud’
  • ‘Looking Buff’

What Did I Immediately Like?

One of the things I first loved about these matte lipsticks was the way i chose them. Each colour is on a skin tone wheel so, ‘I lilac it a lot’ and ‘Pinking Out Loud’ were on the pale side of the colour wheel and ‘Looking buff’ was in ‘universal’.

I loved this not only because it helps people who are really rubbish at picking colours for their skin tone (i.e me) but it also makes you step outside of your comfort zone. I can a million per cent say I would never of picked a lilac lipstick had it not been aimed at us pale folk.

It also is great because it’s honest about who it will suit and how it will look on your complexion. Their colours for darker skin tones would actually look good and work on darker skin tones, because its made for that specific complexion. I think this is a fantastic idea and something not a lot of brands do.


What Happened When I Put Them To The Test…

I was so excited, they had so many promises that i wanted to investigate and so i pulled out my first contender…

‘I Lilac It A lot’…

First Impressions?

I won’t say this for all of the lipsticks because it’s too repetitive but i did love the packaging on all three. It’s true to seventeen and the matte black outer case and the seventeen logo printed on the top just screamed mysterious wonder woman to me.

I also liked the shape of the actual lipstick, unlike most lipsticks, this was slightly angled and flat rather than slightly curved and flat, a small thing but it just made these lipsticks a bit different.

Thinking about applying a lilac lipstick was making me shudder, i just had no idea if it would suit me or if i could even pull it off!

picture of lilac lipstick on pale skin

This is just one coat of the lipstick. Beforehand I applied my LUSH bubblegum lip scrub and then some burts bees lip balm just to try and keep the application as smooth as possible (which is something seventeen actually recommend for the best finish!).

What Did You Like?

I have to first comment on how creamy this lipstick was! It honestly was not like applying a matte lipstick whatsoever. At first I did think it was just my lips being given some lip balm but no, i lilac it a lot was SO creamy and not drying at all.

The colour was also really true to how it looked online and on the colour wheel which i was seriously impressed about. It is a bright lilac colour, in fact i think i can quite honestly say i loved the colour more than it was displayed on the colour wheel.

It didn’t even feel like it was drying matte when i first applied it, i worried i would have to sit here and explain that it in fact was not a matte lip and I was sorry for the confusion and possible clickbait but after a few minutes it dried and it was super matte.

You can apply more layers with the lip brush to build the intensity but i left it with just one to really put it to the test and honestly it stayed put. I drank tea, i ate and i chatted all day long without a smudge.

Anything You Didn’t Like…?

I loved the colour, i really did. It suited my pale skin and it really brought out my eyes but i am not sure i could pull it off every day.

It would take me some serious breathing exercises to wear this out and about but i think as a personal challenge to myself i am going to try it.

It’s not that it looked bad it just isn’t ‘me‘. I know i picked it, i just wanted to try something a little different and although i loved it and i will wear it, it just would take me some serious confidence to wear it out!



Pinking Out Loud!

Was this colour and ode to Ed sheeran? i seriously hope so because this lipstick is something i feel like Ed would like (on me, not you).


pinking out loud seventeen picture

Again, this is just one coat of the pinking out loud and i’m not wearing any lip liner or concealer around my lips, i want these pictures to be as true to life as physically possible!

What Did You Like?

The name was something i really liked, i know it’s silly but when products have names it just makes me like them more rather than when they are called ‘043 or 112’.

I liked the colour when i picked it off the colour wheel i was sent, it was for pale skin but i probably would have picked it online or in a store if i had seen it.

Just like the previous matte lip it was so creamy and smooth to apply,I didn’t feel like i had to rush and set myself in to panic mode like i do with most matte lipsticks.

Something i think everybody hates with matte lips is the drying! Getting chapped, horrible lips is just something none of us ever want. But this is soooo smooth and i know it’s a big no no but rubbing my lips together was just such a wonderful feeling, especially because it’s not allowed with matte lips usually…

The colour was so lovely and although it did need another coat to really bring out the color,  i do absolutely love it and I see myself floating around my every day life with it on.

I loved how matte it is once dry, it looks so gorgeous and again i put it to the test and it stayed put for hours.

And…What Didn’t You Like…?

I am going to seem SO two faced but i have to tell you  something i did notice. On the colour wheel ‘pinking out loud’ looks like a seriously light pink, which made sense because it was next to the lilac lipstick and they were the same kind of ‘lightness’.

Unfortunately it isn’t as light as it looks in their colour wheel but actually it’s quite a bright pink! On the actual tube of lipstick the sticker on the bottom does look exactly like the lipstick so i am not sure if the they changed the formula or even just during editing it was made to look lighter but just know it looks like how it does on the tube not on the promotional photos!

I do have to really re-instate that I like this pink a lot more than the colour in seventeens promotional pictures but i just had to let everyone know just in case you were thinking about getting it as a light pink. It’s more like ‘The coral of the story‘ in their promo pictures if you were getting it online and can’t quite understand what i’m trying to say!

But I honestly love the colour so much and I am so happy with the pigmentation and how true it is to the sticker on the bottom of the tube.



Looking Buff!

Photo of looking buff by seventeen

I so wanted to be ‘meh’ about this colour, i so wanted it to be the colour that i didn’t fall in love with…

What Did You Like?

Because I had been so adventurous with the other two lippies, i wanted a safety net. I wanted something I could just be happy about but something that wasn’t really anything special.

I feel so stupid because I was so so wrong. We all know that sleeks ‘birthday suit’ is my baby and goes everywhere with me but looking buff could be a very strong contender. It’s just so gorgeous.

The smooth application, the non drying matte finish, the absolutely beautiful pigments and the staying power had me gasping.

I can’t get over how much i like it. It’s just so lovely and the absolute best thing about it is that it’s in the universal section of the colour wheel which means it should look like this on EVERYBODY.

It does take a bit longer than the others to dry but once it does, it is like matte heaven.

Anything You Didn’t Like?

Unfortunately,  just like pinking out loud it wasn’t exactly true how it look on the promotional colour wheel. I am not sure if they were changed before release or even if my eyes are deceiving me but i personally feel like the colours are slightly different.

However, just like i said above. I ADORE this colour, even more so than i did when i first saw it on the colour wheel.

It also does transfer a little throughout the day, more so than the others and although the colour does stay put and it doesn’t go patchy, it does come off around drinking glasses.

I thought looking buff would be a nude/subtle brown colour but it’s a nude/reddish brown. It’s beautiful and it does 100% match the sticker on the tube but the colour wheel doesn’t make it look anywhere near as good as it does in real life. However, maybe it’s just me that thinks this!


Overall Impressions?

swatches of the seventeen mega matte lip

I am so happy with these lipsticks and i would recommend the colours i tried to anybody. I was surprised how much i liked the lilac and although i will have to build up some more confidence before i wear it out, it’s such a lovely colour and a real change for me.

Pinking out loud was the least true to its shade on the colour wheel but i preferred it so much to what it looked like on their anyway, it also did take two coats to really show itself to me (unlike the others who took one!). But once it did, it was beautiful.

Looking buff was my favorite. It’s a beautiful colour that would suit absolutely anyone and like pinking it loud, although it didn’t entirely match its promotional pictures i think it could be one of my FAVOURITE MATTE LIPSTICKS EVER, which is something i never thought i would say since i love sleek so much.

The lipsticks are not drying at all which i feel is there main selling point, they also last for up to 13 hours and are so pigmented it’s unbelievable especially the lilac and looking buff.

I am so impressed and so grateful to seventeen and Louise for sending me these mega matte lipsticks. Thank you so much,

Lauren. x

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  1. Tania

    September 23, 2016 at 8:50 am

    Loveeee your detailed review on these matte lipsticks. I love buff looks like my kind of shade. Really need to try these! x

  2. SexyBiatch

    November 17, 2016 at 12:36 am

    love these definitely will be trying them now.

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