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A Weekend Of Funny Disasters

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Hi everyone!

This weekend so far has been a little hectic. I wanted to make a blog post all about it but i wasn’t sure how to tackle it so, if you do find yourself reading this blog post and wondering why it is so ‘all over the place’ fear not, it isn’t you, it’s me.

I don’t know where to begin, not because I  did a million amazing and death defying stories to tell you but because i have hundreds of tiny little facts about my weekend that i want and need to share.

Therefore I am just going to begin at Thursday Night (yes i’m aware it’s not a common weekend day but, otherwise this would of been called ‘A weekend of funny disasters starting Thursday’ not as catchy is it?).


A Weekend Of Funny Disasters



A Weekend Of Funny Disasters (1)

Thursday had high hopes. Thursday was the day that I had a ton of work to do but could satisfy my tired eyes with a nap before we left to go. It was meant to be a relaxed, peaceful afternoon of chilling and getting ready before enjoying a few hours partying on the beach.

Of course Thursday was nothing like that and it actually went like this…

After battling through eye strain 3 hours before finishing work (yes ouch i know), it was almost over. I still had a tiny bit of editing to do and make a video but, it was over.

I decided to read my book, sit in the sunshine and love my life for a few hours but what really ended up happening was I was so unbelievably tired I found myself in front of ‘The real housewives’ for the majority of the afternoon. Sadly I found that quite fun.

A Weekend Of Funny Disasters (2)

I did actually really want to make this video below. It’s the makeup I wore to this spectacular disastrous night, it’s my first ever you tube video and hopefully i make more so, if you enjoy it please let me know!


A Weekend Of Funny Disasters (3)

Makeup done, boyfriend in tow it was time to move.

Our time to leave to get to this event was 9pm and when my boyfriend finally decided to stroll out of the door at 10:10 pm I knew it was going to be hard to get me out of this slightly negative mood. We drove straight to where the main event was supposedly happening, i found a parking spot with ease but this didn’t raise any suspicion in my mind, we slowly strolled to the event to find…. not one soul.

A quick dash around and we found ourselves about 20 minutes in the wrong direction.

We did eventually find a small village celebrating this event and rejoiced quietly. Bonfires are meant to be lit at midnight, but our new little village decided to light it after bingo at around 12:40 am.

I was a little wary of the village but excited to have found people i put my worries aside. However not so long after this I found myself panicking. Do you ever have one of them moments of realization and realize you are probably in the wrong place and could be murdered? (18)

This was the actual out of control bonfire. You can just see the burning dolls slowly melting to their deaths.


Well, as my boyfriend swanned off with his giant camera and accessories in tow, i took in my surroundings and found we were the only non-Spanish people around and looked like the odd ones out. We were obviously in the wrong place but, still this didn’t deter us. Soaking up culture is what life is about…right?

After they lit the bonfire with Petrol (despite the shouts from the fire brigade) they all decided to hold brooms against it and of course they all went up in flames and one woman didn’t want to let go, it eventually got yanked from her hand and you think this would of made us leave but no…this next bit is what finally swayed us…

After they FINALLY  lit the bonfires, I noticed three men carrying three chairs with dolls on. Again, none of my suspicions were aroused until I saw the doll people in each chair….

These dolls were on their way to be burnt. I’m not talking ‘oh a little toy for fun’ no, these dolls had shoes and and socks on and were dressed as real members of society. They were tall and  chubby and i can only hope you take my word when i say Donald trump would of been ecstatic at the ethnicity of these poor dolls. We quickly (very quickly) left.

A Weekend Of Funny Disasters (4)

Hope was still not lost as we did actually eventually find a beach full of people all celebrating the festival. We plonked ourselves on the sand and thanked the Lord that we were around sane individuals and laughed at what we had possibly just witnessed, we sat and chatted and laughed at the fellow beach goers jumping over their bonfires (it’s a tradition!) and we even saw some fire handlers, all was great…

…that is until I took of my rose colored glasses and we smelt the copious amounts of drugs, people getting a little to friendly in the sea and drunk individuals lighting fireworks next to us.

We drove home and found ourselves watching the counting of the votes on the EU referendum. At 3 am we left our broadcaster and by 9 am the next morning he was still there and the UK decided to leave the EU.

I still can’t quite get my head around that!!

My weekend is still yet from over as i’m writing this and when I release this on Monday I hope i can look back and say that it got better…


I really hope you enjoyed this post. It’s a lot more different than I usually blog about so, if you did please let me know in the comments below!



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