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Airport/Travel Essentials You Should Always Have – For Girls

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Hey girls!

I don’t know about anyone else but I LOVE these kind of posts. I love seeing what people pack and what they feel is ‘essential’. I also travel quite a bit so, they help me out. I’m also quite nosy so, seeing peoples things gets me all sorts of happy.

I seem to pack way too much or not enough at all. I will however never, ever be one of those spontaneous people who chucks  a t-shirt and few socks in to a bag and goes on a romantic weekend break. Nope, that could never be me. I’m way too organized, way too paranoid about what I would be wearing and pajamas are my life.

My issues stem from loving everything beauty orientated. Have you ever tried to pack straighteners and curlers in to a carry on bag? The struggle is real. That is why I have made a list of travel essentials that you should have, as long as you have these things you will be fine, at least that’s what I like to tell myself to stop me having a nervous breakdown that I have forgotten something.

Airport-Travel Essentials You Should Always Have

1 # Sunglasses. Always make sure you carry a spare pair of sunglasses, no matter where you are going. I think most people will agree one of the most annoying things is when you forget them and everything from then on feels a little down hill (no, just me?). So! pack a spare pair and no matter what the outfit or weather you will always be A ok.

2 # Hand santizer.  I try never to leave the house without some of this. I am little obsessed with germs which, if you know my blog you will already know. So the thought of getting on a germ filled plane without it makes me want to gag. It will also come in handy wherever you go if you’re like me and just like the feeling of being clean!

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They are also super awesome because  they are the perfect size for a carry on case!

3 # Brush. A Brush is also a super good idea. This is an obvious essential but, if you have a suitcase you might put in in your case and need it in your carry on. I know I always do, that’s why I just slot it in to my carry on case so, I know i’m always good to go.

4 # Universal Adapter. I Love universal adapters because you know (within reason) wherever you go they’re gonna work! I have them all over my house because I have a lot of international electronics that come with different plugs and the universal adapters are super handy all the time not just for travelling with!

Travel Essentials You Should Always Have - For girls

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5 # Feminine Products.  Some would say this wasn’t an essential especially if you’re nowhere near your period. But, you probably guessed it, I love to be prepared for anything and a little bag full of little essentials isn’t going to take up hardly any room and will make you feel a little more relaxed and prepared if anything should happen whilst your away. The great thing is, if you haven’t used it, you don’t even need to unpack it, Just keep it in there for next time!

6 # Polish.  This essential may sound a little silly to some people but I can assure you it has come in handy one too many times. As you probably all know I am little obsessed with my nails at the minute and one thing I cannot stand is chipped nail polish so, now wherever I go weather it be a weekend break or a few months away I always make sure I carry a spare nail polish. I always just chuck it in to my clear plastic bag to go through security with and  no matter what I know I can touch up my nails.

7 # Shoes.  You might say ‘Oh, but Lauren shoes are an obvious necessity’ well, I don’t mean the shoes you pack in your suitcase I always carry a spare pair in my carry on case. This has only been a recent thing since my flip flop broke in the middle of a busy supermarket, I was forced to skid my foot on, along with my mum who was uncontrollably laughing in tow.

The next day I was flying and it made me realize, what would you actually do if your shoe broke at the airport, you couldn’t buy any and you only had a spare pair in your suitcase? Shock horror right?

8 # Loose Change.  My worst nightmare is getting off the plane and having to find cash to pay for train tickets or bus tickets. I like to use a small bag or a travel organizer that I can just carry around with me on the flight and off the flight and not have to scramble around for things!

I found these awesome ones online that would be perfect to just cram everything essential in from headphones to your passport. Plus you can still take your carry on luggage with it and never have to juggle all of your things!

Travel Essentials You Should Always Have - For girls

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I hope you enjoyed my post on Airport/Travel essentials you should always have – For girls. If you did please let me know in the comments below!


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