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What To Wear On A Date Night

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Despite being with my boyfriend for literally ever we still try and make time for a ‘date night’. It’s usually a trip to the cinema in the middle of the week but, even so it means the world to both of us and it’s actually quite exciting to still go on dates!

I’ve never done a post like this in my life before so if i make myself look completely ridiculous this may well be the last time I do it!!

Anyway, let’s get on to my date night attire


date night makeup

On the top I wore a white sleeved top that caps just before the elbows (not sure what this type of tee shirt is called perhpaps that’s why I have never done this before!). My top is from Marks and Spencer but, I am pretty sure you could get one like it absolutely anywhere.

I decided against any kinds of jewelry which is quite unlike me, i thought it would make me look too dressed up and decided to just go bare!

I left my hair loose and completely un-styled (hence why it looks quite messy!). I was going to do some sort of plait combo but, I just didn’t have time.

Before we continue, I also must say it has been so weird for me to do a post like this. I’m quite shy in front of the camera and literally never find a good photo so i’m hoping by doing this I encourage somebody else to just bite the bullet and take some pictures of themselves. I had the time of my life once i relaxed and even have some pictures I can use on my social media accounts.

how to dress for a date night

The skirt I am wearing is from good old Primark. I found it by complete chance and loved it. I am really in to this style of skirt as they do just go with anything.

On my feet, which you can’t see because I suck at #OOTN posts (outfit of the night) are just some black sandals with gold jewels on. I also was carrying a large black tote, again obviously I was meant to include this and didn’t!



Finally my makeup for my date night was more than I probably should of worn but, I did get carried away and you need to wear more for the camera, right?

I was wearing my favorite ever rimmel wake me up foundation as my base and everything else on top of that would make this post extremely long (sorry not sorry).

I also wore my new nyx hd powder which I talked about in this review here if you wanted to check that out!


I hope you enjoyed my OOTN date night post, if you did please let me know in the comments below!


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