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Yankee Candle Wax Tart Summer Collection

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I am a huge (huge is a small understatement, i’m talking absolutely and utterly obsessed with sticking my nose in anything that looks remotely appealing) sucker for candles, wax tarts and smelly things in general really. Whenever I pass a store that may supply something I need i have this incredible urge to just ‘take a look’.

Today however is all about Yankee candle wax tarts. I love wax tarts, they are perfect if you just want the room you’re in to smell lovely, they also last for absolutely AGES.

I’m not a one wax tart kind of woman, I have branched in to other wax melts and find them equally as satisfying and lovely but, today looking at my collection I just had to share it on my little space on the internet.

yankee candle wax melts review



summer yankee candle

If you don’t know all is it is a cute little shaped tart of wax. No I am actually being serious, all it is, is wax that smells amazing that you put in the top of a wax melt burner with a little tea light underneath and the wax tart slowly melts and fills the room with your chosen scent.

They burn for around 8 hours and keep the room they are burning in smelling incredible. I think they’re such a nice little addition to a normal candle collection. They are also really cheap for how long they burn  (Around 8 hours!).


wax tarts

I have gone through a ton of wax melts, these are just the few I have lying around. I know for a fact i have three more in my mums handbag that she ‘mistakenly’ took home…

Anyway! I am going to just show you the yankee candle wax melts that I have for the summer.

I am a sucker for all smells but, there’s something about choosing the right candle for the right season that bodes well with me, or that could be complete rubbish and it’s all in my head!

A child's wish yankee candle wax melt lake sunset melt

I thought perhaps my wax tarts would look more aesthetically pleasing on the grass considering it’s summer and they are summery smells but, i’m not sure if it looks a bit dumb.


My Three absolute favorites out of this summer wax tart collection has to be ‘Aloe Water‘, ‘Lake Sunset‘ and ‘Lovely Kiku‘. I’m not even going to ATTEMPT explaining the smells but trust me they are so lovely and so fresh, if you haven’t already, next time you go past a shop selling these, please take a huge whiff and thank me silently.



I know this was a strange little post but I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite summery yankee candle wax tart smells. If you have any favorites please let me know in the comments below!

Lauren. x

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