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What To Wear To A BBQ (What I Wore)

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Hi Everyone!

It has a been a crazy few days for me, do you ever have them weeks when you feel like you just haven’t slept?

Anyway! It was my Dad’s birthday at the weekend and to celebrate for a second time round we had a little get together at my Parent’s house.

We had a blast, it was just so much fun. My mum even made me and my boyfriend feel so comfortable making us a ton of food we could eat and for the first time ever in anyone’s company we felt as if we weren’t any ‘trouble’ being vegan (the food was unreal!).

Anyway! on Monday as it was a BBQ i had no idea what to wear. How casual is too casual? how dressed up is too dressed up? These social cues I never seemed to have learnt so, I did browse the internet looking for ideas and below I have hopefully left you with some inspiration on what to wear to your next barbecue.


what i wore to a family barbecue

family barbecue outfit ideas

me in BBQ outfit


outfit ideas

gif of barbecue outfit

As you can see I opted for quite a casual look. My jumpsuit is from H&M, I actually found it in the sale and kinda just had to have it, despite red not really being ‘my’ color.

My makeup I did ‘cake on’ a little (not in a bad way!) I just had quite a lot on. I love dressing up my makeup though and experimenting with new things and because my outfit was quite casual, i felt it was fine to dress up in that way!

My hair i just left natural!

I had a few pieces of jewelery on and a small brown bag that I didn’t photograph because I suck a little at these posts!

If you are heading to a BBQ I would suggest the same, go for quite casual clothes but dress up wherever you can. I did end up putting my hair in a messy bun halfway through because it was just too hot (I have a lot of hair!) but i feel like it didn’t ruin the ‘look’ because of my makeup (I hope that makes sense to at least someone!).

I hope you enjoyed this post on what i wore to my family barbecue. I really loved making it!

Thank you for reading,

Lauren. x

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  1. Marina

    July 6, 2016 at 2:37 pm

    I loved this post! The dress is absolutely gorgeous xx

    • Lauren

      July 7, 2016 at 5:57 am

      aw thank you so much!! xx

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