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5 Things That I Do To Relax

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I am the absolute worst at not letting my mind chill out and do ‘nothing’. Even when i’m harmlessly watching tv I am thinking about work or doing research on work.

It’s a good and a bad thing because I get stuff done but then I am fed up with the week by Thursday because i never feel like i ‘shut off’.

Being this way has disrupted my sleep so much so i had to come up with some ways to really start to relax a few hours before bed to make me chill out and be able to shut off…

None of these 5 tips on how i relax contain any beauty remedies or ‘spa’ treatments, i am not being rude to people who do that to relax but it doesn’t really help me and trust me I have tried!


5 ways to relax


how to chill out after work

After work I always try and read my book for half an hour. It may sound silly but it really helps me shut off my mind for a while and not have to look at screens or technology.

Technology is in no way a bad thing but my work revolves around it so sometimes it’s nice to take a step back!

Luckily, i work from home so it’s easy for me to just walk in to another room and open my book up but if you work away from home and have to commute, try doing it as soon as you get back and stay away from TV/social media for just 30 minutes, it really helps you relax and shut off.

If you don’t like to read try watching your favorite show or even pick up a magazine! Anything to just help you zone out.


ways to relax before bed

Another thing i do to relax is actually something i do before bed. This won’t be for everyone but i turn off all of the lights and light a few candles when I am watching TV. The darkness and flickering candle lights help me to zone out and really relax.

Some people would say sitting in complete darkness with only a few candles on and a TV is bad but, it helps me a lot more than if i have a lamp or light on.

Maybe it’s because it allows me to not pay attention to things going on around me, who knows! but it works if you are looking on ways to chill out!


how to relax

I try not to eat or drink anything an hour before going to bed. This doesn’t necessarily relax me but it does ensure my food is being properly digested and that any sugar or energy that is being released won’t do so right before i fall asleep!

All i do is make sure i have eaten before 8pm and finishing drinking by 9pm and that way my food has over two hours to digest and my water has just over an hour.

It’s uncomfortable falling asleep on a fall stomach and it’s even worse if you have just finished off a box of chocolates because you’ll have a ton of energy right before falling asleep.


things i do to relax


If i am having a particularly stressful or bad day i like to put on white noise. I just go on to YouTube and listen to constant rain or the sea. I don’t really like any others, bars and restaurants make me too involved in what’s going on and jungle noises excite me so i only really ever have two white noise options!

I’ll put either of these on if i’m in the bath or even if I am trying to fall asleep. I sometimes also put the noises on if i’m just reading my book and am trying to relax and forget about the day.


how i chill out


The final thing i do to relax is actually something i do when i’m in bed. Instead of letting my mind wonder off in to the middle of every stress and worry, I take a few drops of rescue remedy and imagine scenarios in my head, things like organizing a drawer or doing makeup in my head, it just takes my mind away from worries and helps me drift off to sleep.

I only use my night rescue remedy when i am finding it particularly hard to relax and fall asleep, it really does help me. It does make me have some crazy dreams but it’s something i don’t think i’ll go without anymore.



I hope these tips helped at least someone! If they did please let me know in the comments below or let me know your ways you relax!

Have a great day,


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