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My Week In Short Stories

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Hi everyone!

I have a had a little bit of a ‘weird week’, I can’t exactly explain why but it just felt a little bit weird. We could blame it on the earth and allignment of the planets but honestly, it’s all down to me.

I wanted to re-cap the interesting/funny bits of my week in to short little stories (something i have never done before!) so…here goes!


my week explained



We have neighbours from hell. Yes, you may see me soon featuring on the show because I can’t take it anymore. I know it’s July and I know a lot of people have time off work and like to enjoy their lives but, seriously every single night until around 3 am these people do not SHUT UP.

I have no problem on weekends, i have no problem if you are trying to be quiet and i have no problem if i can tell you have got a little bit carried away. I don’t even care if you are a child because i was a child once but, when you are an ADULT and every single night you are screaming and shouting like a monkey, it’s not okay.

We live halfway down the street from these evil neighbors and still hear their shrieks (they own no children) so i can’t even imagine being their actual neighbors.

People have complained about them but they just don’t stop!

Anyway, our neighbors from hell made Monday an extremely tiring day because of the lack of sleep so, that is how my week started off so please bear that in mind!



Tuesday was a productive day. I got the sleep i missed out on back and i finished a ton of work i had hanging over me from the week before.

We also decided it was a good idea to do shopping considering we only had a tin of beans and half a bottle of water in the fridge. As we merrily pulled in to the car park, i was almost side swiped by another vehicle (I suspect it was our neighbor from hell).

In all Tuesday was a good day, we were in good spirits.



This is where it all turned a little strange and my opinion changed massively…

My boyfriend had to go out with his Dad for the day/night so i thought it was a good idea to take advantage of the sales and my mums company.

I finished work early and we headed in to the city to go to the worst place on earth, IKEA.

Before i explain to you why i HATE IKEA, let me just explain the reason why we headed there. Me and my boyfriend moved in a few months ago and the apartment was already furnished. Basically, the sofa covers were disgusting, the curtains didn’t match and it was just bringing me down.

So on Wednesday i knew that was the day i was going to change it all without him knowing and what better place than IKEA?

Now, I HATE IKEA. I absolutely hate it. Every single time i ever been, i have left with smoke coming out for my ears and with some strange contraption i didn’t even want. I hate the whole arrow system, i hate the food, i hate the way people sit in the fake rooms and think they are the best things on earth, i just hate it. So my mum was slightly hesitant accompanying me to IKEA because it never ends well.

However, today was different. As i walked in, bracing myself for heards of IKEA goers, i found it was empty. Yes, i’ll repeat, IKEA was empty.

I literally did a full circle, observing my surroundings, I had never seen IKEA so amazing before. There was a point where me and my mum separated but there was no fear in my eyes because i could still see her! There was no more than 5 other people at any given time, it was fantastic.

We had time to browse and make erratic movements because there is nobody swarming us!

I do have to admit, i now love IKEA and think it could quite possibly be the best place ever. Two faced of me to admit, i know.

Anyway! After 3 happily spent hours (not angry, pushing shoving hours) we finally found everything i needed and headed back to my apartment.

We popped on come dine with me,  i made us some vegan cookies and we decorated and sang until the place was transformed in to a ‘home’. I know that sounds silly but it feels a bit more ‘mine’ now.


home goodies

My mum bought me this little lantern, it’s so lovely and sits happily next to the TV.


I was alone virtually all day Thursday because my boyfriend had to stay at his parent’s house. I really dislike being alone so i found myself wandering around after work looking for things to do. (I plumped my new cushions more than necessary).

Around 5pm i got the call to go and pick him up and i honestly couldn’t contain my excitement for him to see the transformation.

We had an amazing dinner at his house and did actually put the world to rights. We even had an invite to watch the jungle book but, we did have work the next day so we unfortunately couldn’t stay.

I probably would of made us stay if i hadn’t been so excited about showing him the house and the worst part is i had to contain my excitement! I didn’t get a chance to tell his mum before he got back so at this point i am the only one in on the surprise and it was so hard keeping it in.

As i was leaving i managed to take half a tree trunk with me and potentially could of punctured my tire or damaged my engine but, his dad was to the rescue and removed it from beneath my car and we maneuvered out and finally were on our way!

The whole way back i was plotting how to make him go in first ( He always lets me go in first, at first i thought it was to be kind but in actual fact i think it’s in case there’s a murderer inside!).

As we were walking up to the gate i was  riddled with nerves (just in case he hated my new color scheme!). I mumbled some excuse about him waiting outside while i make sure i cleaned something up (strangely enough he bought it!). I ran in, lit a candle and popped the lamp on, mumbled something about it being fine and pushed him in.

I want to lie and say he hated it but he really loved it. He was in so much shock because even though it’s only a few cushions, some new curtains and silly things, it makes it look so much more homely.

He even commented on the new shower curtain! (Her name was Jennifer – I now love IKEA’s stupid names).

What I Got At The Weekend

my week in stories


Friday is where this ends. I am currently writing this on Friday to be released on Monday so i can’t even make anything up because the day is yet to end.

I plan on finishing work, gaming and spending my weekend loving my new lounge/shower curtain.

Have a lovely day, thank you for reading!


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