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Girly Afternoon Outfit (OOTD)

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Hi everyone!

Last week me and my mum decided to meet up, do some shopping and go and see ‘Me Before You‘. I absolutely adored the book and so did she and so I did go in thinking it wouldn’t live up to my expectations but, it did MASSIVELY.

I really recommend reading the book and then watching the film, i feel like you just get a different feel.

We met up after work and decided to look round the shops and get some well overdue chatting done. I loved it so much and as corny and awful as it sounds, i really treasure stupid little memories like that.


I so loved doing my BBQ outfit post (you can see that here) that i decided to do a girly afternoon outfit post. The outfit is pretty simple but i did go through 4 others to get to this point. It was such a hot day and i was getting more and more frustrated (please tell me i’m not the only angry person when they get too hot?) and i just couldn’t decide.

Below the photos and gifs of what i wore, i have included my makeup, my hair, accessories and where i got my outfit from!


outfit for a girly afternoon

gif of me

ootd for girly afternoon

gif of Lauren Cross

My Outfit 

My outfit was so super plain and simple. I’m wearing a spaghetti strap top from Primark (I think everyone owns like 10 different shades of these?!) and my skirt is from a shop called ‘Shana’. I got it last year in this giant shopping center. I see them everywhere now so i know they are easy to get hold off.

The buttons don’t come undone and the top of the skirt isn’t stretchy at all so if you do find one, you really need to try it on because it can look a little funny with certain tops!

My bag is just a little brown bag that  i use all the time during the summer and my shoes are just brown, jeweled flat sandals. (Not that I photographed them!).


My Hair & Makeup

My Makeup is almost identical to the makeup i did in this video. The only difference is i didn’t put in any hoops and wore brown eyeliner instead of black!

My hair is ‘au natural’. It’s in desperate need of a trim so please don’t judge it!



I am not the biggest accessories person but for the this girly afternoon outfit look i just had on my watch, pandora and a pandora ring.

My sunglasses are from the airport, i really am slightly obsessed with them.

I took out all of my earrings (aside from my Tragus) and went pretty bare minimum. I just feel like this outfit is so plain that accessories would dress it up to much.


I really hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you did please let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading,


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