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Easy And Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

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What time is it? It’s Halloween time! Everyone seems to love this time of year, the stores are packed with amazing fall clothes and fall treats and everything seems to smell better. No, just me?

I don’t usually do anything but sit in and watch horror movies and jump at every creak in my house because apparently Halloween is the time of year ghouls get in to our world, something like that anyway! I don’t know. This year however I was inspired by Instagram to see how many awesome Easy And Cheap Halloween Costumes I could put together. So, without further ‘aboo’ let’s go! (see what I did there?)



Outfit Numero Uno –  ‘Minnie Mouse‘ 


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I thought this outfit was sooo cute and definitely this Halloween worthy. You wouldn’t even need much make up, just a little black nose and maybe some ‘whiskers’ if you really wanted them!

Outfit numero dos – ‘Pirate’


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A little revealing for some but, I love love love this Pirate Costume. It’s easy and probably not something everyone would go for! For make up you could play it both ways. You could wear a pretty, normal dressed up kind of look (like the model above) or you could go all out and buy some fake blood and white face paint and turn yourself in to a terrifying pirate. Your choice.

Outfit Numero Tres – ‘Skeleton’ 


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This Skeleton costume is definitely one of the cheaper costumes on my list. It’s such an easily put together outfit all you would need is a pair of trainers or heels and some dark eye make up and some white or very light foundation.

Outfit Numero Cuatro – ‘Cat’ 


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Who doesn’t love a cat at halloween? I also loved how different this costume was. You often find the cats of halloween go out in black shorts or skirts, not really the jumpsuit ‘shebang’.

You can easily pair this outfit with heels or flats. Invest in some whiskers or draw them on and you’re set to go. It’s easy and cheap.

Outfit Numero Cinco – ‘Vampire’


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I love vampire costumes, you can do sooo much with them. Your hair, your make up even your shoes contribute to being a vampire. With this incredible vampire outfit all you need is some fake fangs, some white make up and you’re set to go.


There you have it! I hope you enjoyed my Easy and Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas, if you did please leave a comment below and let me know what you’re going to be this halloween!

Lauren. x


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