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Is Soap And Glory Really Worth It?

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Wait…wait wait, what did you just say girl???

Yes, Yes I know. Soap & Glory seems to be the pinnacle of every ones life right now so, how dare I question if the brand is really worth it, of course it is!

Well, some disagree with the majority of the population. Some like to think Soap & Glory is waaaaay to expensive, what with their body lotions being around 11 dollars each! Some hate the smell, some even go as far as to hate the packaging.

If you didn’t already know from the thousands of tweets and ads, Soap & Glory has finally made its way in to the USA. They even have their own little site. USA Soap & Glory



Soap & Glory



If you didn’t already know, Soap and Glory’s ‘Body Butter’ is  my favorite thing in the whole world. but, that doesn’t mean I LOVE everything these people do, which brings me to my earlier question, is it really worth it?

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I love beyond belief the original Soap & Glory ‘Scent’. I think it’s fresh, clean and amazing. If I could sit in one of their pink tubs, I would. But there is a small problem, I can’t stand the smell of ‘Sugar Crush’, okay maybe ‘Can’t stand’ was the wrong choice of words, I can put up with it and I can lather myself in it, I just feel it’s a bit ‘childish’.

Obviously a ton of you will disagree with me, a lot of you say it’s the ‘original’ that is childish but, I just don’t see it myself. I can pay 12 dollars to smell amazing but,  I can’t pay it to smell like a five year old in a sweet shop. Sorry not sorry.


You can buy gift boxes full of Soap and Glory products, often these boxes aren’t cheap but, are usually really worth the money as you get to see your face light up as you open the box to yourself. I’ve left some links to these boxes below so you can see for yourself.

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The only problem is, without sounding completely spoiled rotten, I would be really sad if I opened it to find ‘sugar crush’. How awful is that?



Of course there is an array of other smells but, I always get pushed back to the original as for me it’s just their best scent. All the rest aren’t as worthy.

So Lauren, ‘Is Soap & Glory Really Worth It?’ Truthfully……Yes! Hell yes! Go for it! My advice would be to smell the products before you purchase as every ones preference is different, especially mine. Soap & Glory is wonderful and does its job. It looks amazing and it lasts forever oh, and it leaves you smelling gorgeous hours after you leave the shower. Surprisingly, I wasn’t paid to make them sound so good, I just genuinely love what their products do.


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my little controversial article. If you agree with me or don’t please leave a comment in the box below!

Lauren. x



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