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How To Approach Your Mum About Getting Your First Bra

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It’s awkward, it’s so so awkward. Even now at 20 years old I look back and cringe. If you’re a young girl reading this (hopefully you are) then please know almost every single girl in this world has gone through what you are going through and knows how awkward it is, even your mum has been through it.

Chances are if you feel ready for a bra, you probably are and your mum probably knows that too. You just have to touch on the subject together.

My Story 

I was the last of my friends to get a bra. I was such a late bloomer, looking back I don’t even think I needed a bra I think my mum just felt sorry for me.

Anyway, my mum took me shopping and I was having the best day. When suddenly I knew in my heart she wanted to ask me something, you know that feeling when your stomach drops? I got that. I tried to avoid all lingerie shops or anything that looked like it might go under my t-shirt.

In the end my mum finally asked me to try some on and told me how to check it fits. I bought one bra and left. I was embarrassed but, I was so happy because the very next day at school I had this new bra and I literally felt like a new woman.


Ways You Can Ask Your Mum For A Bra 

It might feel impossible but you could hint at it when you are next shopping together something like ‘ Hey Mum, When do you need your first bra?’ She will most likely get what you are hinting at.

If that is too much, you could bury your head in the sand and email her.  It’s a bad thing to do but, it’s a lot less awkward than face to face. Just a little email explaining how you feel and you will feel so much better when you see her reply.

Next, if that all fails if your mum just doesn’t get your hints think is there an auntie, a sister an older friend you could go to for help? They don’t to have to buy you the bra, you could just get them to hint at your mum for you.



What to expect 

My first bra was sooo uncomfy for the first few weeks, I don’t know why. I probably wasn’t even wearing it right. But, as your body gets used to it, it will feel ‘different’. Immature kids, especially boys will probably point it out but, just ignore them. Trust me when I say one day they will wish they hadn’t.

Try not to wear your new bra everyday. I know this seems impossible because, it is like a toy to play with but, you have to wear bras for life, enjoy not really needing one for a little longer!


I’ve put some links down below of some of the best bras for young girls on Amazon. This could be great if you wanted to show your mum what you wanted or if you just wanted to have a look!

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Lastly, don’t worry!! Your time will come, I know it feels like everything now but, it years to come you will look back and laugh at all the silly things you did!

Be confident and just ask for a bra, it’s really that easy! Your mum won’t mind, she will just help you out.






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