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My Hair Care Routine – For The Lazy Girl

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Hi guys!


For those of you who know me and my hair know that i’m a little over the top when it comes to caring for it. By that I don’t mean I sit with a diamond bristled brush and some extra raw, virgin deep conditioning treatment oh no, by that I mean some days I will look after it really well, not letting anything nasty or tainted getting near it in all of its glory and then some days I don’t even brush it.

I am that person who you will find with a messy, knotty horrible bun stuck to the top of my head and then the next day walking around like i’m Rapunzel. I have no middle ground with my hair so, when I do look after it, I try to do it well.


Below i’m going to let you in on all of my hair care secrets!



My Hair Care Routine!

First things first…


The first thing I always do when I want to pamper my hair is make sure it’s properly washed. Just properly shampooed and conditioned with my regular shampoo and conditioner. I don’t do anything fancy here I just make sure my hair is initially clean.

Now, after it’s clean I have two ways I can go, if i’m in a rush or it’s late and I can’t be bothered I’ll go on the first route which is the first method below but, if you want to take longer and have the time then skip the first method and head on down!


First Method 

Again, this method is if i’m in a rush or just can’t be bothered with applying more product.

All I do is in the shower I take in a comb. I think I got my comb on Amazon but, you can get a comb anywhere, just make sure it’s a fine toothed comb that won’t snap at the site of a knot.

Anyway, after I have conditioned and rinsed my hair I then begin to comb my hair (whilst in the shower or bath), I just try and get all the knots out before my next step.

This will probably work better in the bath but, all i do is apply some coconut oil. If you didn’t already know coconut oil is beyond amazing for your hair and skin and body really. You can buy a HUGE jar of it online for literally dollars.



My Hair Care Routine - For The Lazy Girl

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Click Here For The Best Price In The US…

A few months back I wrote a post on the amazing benefits of coconut oil, Click here  if you want to check that out!


All I do with the coconut oil is apply it to the ends of my hair(just a small amount, enough to cover the ends and still have enough to lather my elbows and hands in it!) and then I wait. If i am in the bath i’ll read a few chapters of my book or if i’m in the shower then i’ll shave my legs and wash my body before rinsing the coconut oil out.

If you don’t use heat on your hair then that’s this method over for you but, if you do use heat then all I do next is apply a small, tiny amount of this Heat Defence Spray and whilst holding my hair dryer quite a distance from my hair I will just blow dry until damp.


Second Method

The second method is only used if i’m not feeling lazy and can really be bothered to spend time on my hair. It does take a little bit longer but is sooooo worth it in the end.

Just like in the first method I’ll jump in the shower or the bath and begin washing my hair. Unlike the first method I don’t use my normal shampoo and conditioner i’ll use something a little more special. At the minute i’m using this shampoo and conditioner:

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After I have done of that i’ll either use some coconut oil or some leave in conditioner. I would recommend the coconut oil as it’s a lot cheaper than having to keep buying new leave in conditioners and is super amazing for your hair and everything else on your body but, if you are stuck then I would recommend the leave in conditioner that I have linked below as it’s really amazing and works wonders for your hair.

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After I have left the conditioner in for maybe an hour or so (you can leave it in overnight to make your hair super soft but, I hate sleeping with wet hair) I then begin to brush it. Using my fine toothed comb again i’ll just sit and make sure there are no knots before jumping back in to the shower to wash it all out again.

Once it’s all thoroughly rinsed out you can either leave your hair to towel dry or dry it using heat. I use the heat option and I apply a small amount of this Heat defence spray and dry my hair as normal. I use this spray as it contains argan oil something I would apply before if the spray didn’t already contain it!

Also, if you aren’t blow drying your hair try and spritz on some argon oil (just on the ends) to give it that final shine and soft feeling.

I hope you enjoyed my hair care routine- For the lazy girl, if you did please let me know in the comments below!

Lauren. x

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