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How To Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day…

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We all know we should be drinking way more water than we probably are and keeping way more hydrated than we probably are and especially as the winter months come round it seems to become harder and harder. Boiling hot cocoa with mini god knows what or a bottle of water, hmm tough choice!


How To Stay Hydrated Throughout The day

I was one of those people who never drank water, despite living in really hot temperatures and dancing for hours on end each week in the heat, I still never once thought ‘hey, why don’t  I put down my sugary energy drink and pick up some water instead?’

That’s when I created a Habit. I love a routine so when someone suggested a ‘habit’ I was intrigued and already signing up for a life of water already.


How My Habit began

My habit started around 3 years ago when i first joined a sixth form in the UK. It was an all girls academy so, when I saw virtually everyone in all of my lessons carrying a water bottle, I needed a water bottle.

I started buying them plastic ones you can get in supermarkets and just refilling them whenever I could but, I quickly grew bored of them as they were so heavy and looked a little grubby after 2 uses. Also, the lids used to constantly break off…anyone else?

I then found a re-usable water bottle in my local supermarket and gave that a try and safe to say  I loved it but, it only held 500ml where I was used to drinking 1 liter every few hours it just wasn’t enough.


So I decided to look online and found some amazing and cute 1 liter cups online! I now have a cupboard of re-usable cups, some of mine are 500ml but they are for days my handbag is too small too hold the liter bottle or if i’m just feeling how cute the bottle is.

Below I have listed some of my favorite bottles I could find just so you can check them out!

Pink 1 liter water bottle (UK LINK)

Fruit infuser water bottle (UK LINK)

Cute 1 liter dog water bottle (UK LINK)

Cute 1 liter water bottle (US LINK)

Pink 1 liter Water bottle (US LINK)

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle (US LINK)


Why are re-usable bottles important??


I feel, having a portable cute re-usable water bottle was super important for me because it created a huge habit.  I would constantly pull it out of my bag and take a few sips every few minutes and eventually I would have drank a liter without even knowing it!

All of this created my habit of just sipping water constantly throughout the day, your body gets used to the water super quickly so, the peeing constantly only lasts a day or so.


Water is amazing

Like I said before we all know we need to drink a certain amount of water to stay healthy but did you know water contributes to soooo many factors in our bodies?

Drinking water can help you lose weight, a lot of the time when you think you’re hungry you’re actually thirsty so you cut out calories you don’t even need. It also gives you clearer skin, it’s a natural energy booster, it helps keep you alert and awake, it keeps your digestion system moving, it can reduce heavy periods and help with cramps, It helps with proper kidney function and does a ton of other amazing things!


Can’t Create A Habit?

I know it’s super hard getting in to a habit especially if you don’t drink a lot of fluids anyway. Thats why I suggested the re-usable bottles as they come in all sorts of awesome designs and can really help motivate you to drink.

If they don’t help you could with  a marker, line a bottle at certain points and state a time you want to be at that point by.

If you cant stand plain water (totally understandable) you can use natural flavorings such as these:


Click Here For The Best Price (EU)

Click Here For The Best Price (US)

Any are good so long as they don’t contain a ton of sugar!



I hope you enjoyed my post on how to stay hydrated throughout the day, if you did please let me know in the comments below!





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