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Just know I have been obsessed with Kiko cosmetics for years. One of their stores has been right by me for ages and it really shocked me when I realized literally nobody had really heard of them.

That is why I decided to do a mega haul of kiko goodies that I’ve accumulated throughout the years and the things I’ve most recently purchased. Obviously most of it I have chucked away due to it being empty but here is the remainder of my kiko life

This will be a huge haul and I apologize.



kiko makeup


kiko haul

Because of how big the collection is I am only going to talk about a few of my absolute favorites or we will all be here for hours!  If there is anything you want to know about just get in touch via the comments below or via my social media platforms.


huge kiko haul

This is the Kiko highglighter I found a few months back. I absolutely love it and wear it virtually every single day. It also smells amazing, I seriously do not know why but I always sniff my makeup brush after using it…


kiko cosmetics

This is the Kiko softening toner. I’ve been using this every day for the past few weeks. I’ve been suffering from bad breakouts and using this everyday just seems to keep things at bay. It is a little weird in a spray bottle but, I guess you use a lot less product!



This Kiko lip liner was bought on a whim. I have around 10 million red lippies (not really 10 million) and just didn’t need another lip liner to go with them. But, of course I bought it and luckily I love it. It’s so pigmented and lasts forever.


huge cosmetics haul

I originally didn’t want to buy this lipgloss. I get frustrated with lipgloss and I thought ‘purple’ wasn’t really my color but, as it was on sale I willingly *reluctantly went back for it. I don’t believe any limp plumpers work (it’s meant to give instant volume) and whilst I adore the color, I don’t really think it has any ‘volume’ effects on my lips, apart from a slight tingle. I didn’t buy it for this reason so, I still absolutely adore it for the color.


kiko cosmetics haul

This is the kiko contour kit. The two sticks came together and features one ‘bronzer’ and one ‘highlighter’. I adore the bronzer, but the highlighter isn’t amazing. It’s quite subtle, whereas i’m more of a ‘go hard or go home’ kinda highlighting person.

I did feature them as one of my favorites together because they are a pair and I do love the bronzer, just not so much it’s sister.


huge kiko haul

As you can see from the initial picture I am a sucker for kiko nail polish. I have so many and thought against showing you every single color (for obvious reasons). I decided to show my top 3.

The first nail polish  is this pink, glittery polish. It’s so party season and looks incredible on my toes. The second is a bright red (although the picture makes it look pink?!), I wore it all over Christmas with a bright, glittery green kiko nail polish.

Finally, there’s the ‘stop biting’ nail polish. You may know I do have a problem with nibbling my nails (I made a post on how to stop biting them here!) when i’m stressed and even picking off nail polish and this stuff is so strong it’s a huge deterrent.


kiko haul

I actually bought this lipstick for my mum and then had to go back and get myself one (sorry). It’s a gorgeous nude that goes with absolutely anything.


kiko cosmetics

The primer my brother actually bought for me and I honestly love it. I don’t use any other primer. I probably should test around but, it works so well and really works with my skin type so, I don’t think this love affair will be broken down too easily.

The face mask is the ‘purifying mask’. I have so many of the kiko face masks but, this one has to be my favorite. It smells good, it does its job and it’s cheap.


kiko cosmetics

Finally, these two  kiko eye shadows were bought separately but seem like little ‘soul sistas’. The purple on my left, is really deep and really makes my blue eyes pop and the browny, golden color is so pigmented and again, really compliments my eyes.




I could make this kiko haul even bigger but, I just thought I would show you my latest favorites. I have gone through so many kiko products that obviously aren’t featured and it’s safe to say I love them. They’re really inexpensive and I really don’t think I have ever been disappointed.

I know once I bought the wrong color foundation in a rush but, entirely my fault.

I hope you enjoyed this huge kiko haul if you did please let me know in the comments and if you have any comments about any of the products I didn’t mention, comment below or let me know on social media!

What’s your favorite kiko product?

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  1. Jess Andreia

    March 24, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    I definitely need to get some of these products. In love with the look of the contour kit and the lip liner. Would you consider this brand expensive or affordable?

    • Lauren

      March 24, 2016 at 1:29 pm

      I think it’s pretty affordable really. For how good their stuff is, it really isn’t that expensive!

      Thanks for your comment! xx

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