My Favorite Spring Makeup

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I looveeeeeeeee Spring. I always have. It’s such a nice time of the year, it’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, it’s just perfect and everyone seems to feel the same.

I have huge problems during the summer when it concerns my makeup. I am currently in Spain and even the though the thought of applying makeup in boiling temperatures makes my skin crawl, I still do it. That is why I love Spring makeup so much, because it’s the one time of year, colors match my skin perfectly and everything just works.


This post is dedicated to my favorite spring makeup, colors, shades and simplicity.


makeup for spring



The first thing I do during spring is make sure my face is all clean and washed and of course moisturized and then I begin my spring makeup ritual. (yes ritual).



First up is…Foundation –


perfect spring makeup

I use the Rimmel wake me up foundation all year round in the shade ‘True Ivory‘. I bounce between ivory and true ivory. It works really well with my skin and it’s the one foundation I’ve actually stuck too!

My concealer is in the shade ‘Ivory‘ and again I use it all year round. I love it. It will take a lot for me to stray far from these two products.


Spring Brows – 


perfect spring makeup

I try to tone down my brows for spring, it makes my ‘look’ a little more natural. My eyebrow palette has been with me for ages, I don’t even know who makes it or where I bought it from but, I know it’s my fav.

I like to use my angled eyebrow brush to lightly fan the start of my eyebrows and use my brow drama pencil for the tail. It makes them look light at the front and begin to darken towards the end.

Saying that, my eyebrows need some serious TLC and if you follow me on twitter you will see how much I tweet about needing help.


Spring Eyes – 

spring eye makeup

I like to have big eyelashes no matter the season so, spring is no exception. I take an eyelash curler and for around 10-15 seconds on each eye I just press down lightly.


spring eye makeup

Although it looks quite dark I do use a brown eye pencil for the spring time. It’s a lot less harsh than black and although when I go out I wear black, it just makes a nice change during the day.

I apply a tiny amount to the inner and outer corners of my eyes and then I go on to apply my mascara. I am using quite a thick mascara but the brown pencil seems to counteract it from looking too ‘full on‘.


my favorite spring makeup

I don’t always use eyeshadow during the Spring but, if I am heading out during the day or getting glammed up, I always reach for a gold shimmery shadow. It makes my eyes pop and this eye shadow palette from KIKO is so pigmented that I can’t not reach for it.


Spring Powders –

spring beauty

This is my favorite step of my spring makeup routine, the powdering part.

First of all I like to take my pressed powder, I use the Maybelline Matte Maker in shade ‘Classic Ivory‘ and using my huge powder brush, I like to apply it all over my T-zone.

I then take my highlighter ( you can read about it in my huge kiko haul!) and an angled brush and apply that to my temples and cheek bones, and then finally I take my bronzer and my powder brush and apply a small amount to my temples and cheekbones. My bronzer is from Ted baker and just works really well with my skin tone.


Spring Lips – 


I tend not to use vibrant lipsticks during the spring, I like my lips to be quite subtle and natural. I usually will use a nude lipstick or a tinted lip balm like this baby lips one.


Some Of The Makeup I Mentioned

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I hope you enjoyed this post on my Favorite Spring Makeup if you did please let me know in the comments below and also, let me know what your favorite piece of Spring makeup is!


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