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Mini IKEA Haul

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Hi everyone!

Last week i went shopping with my mum and we just so happened to waltz in to IKEA. Now, I used to hate IKEA with an absolute passion, i would even wait in the car i hated it that much but, a few weeks ago i went in and there was maybe 5 other people in each section along with us. It was fantastic.

Perhaps i am two faced but i am in love with IKEA now and me and my mum can easily spend a few hours walking around in there, especially now i have found the days that no one seems to go in!

Anyway, i picked up a few little bits in IKEA and just thought i would share them with you as i love them.

I hope you have had a lovely week/weekend.


Small Ikea Haul

I picked up these three candles that you may have seen on my Instagram. They match the cushions in my living room and these were just re-stock of the ones i already have.

The green is apple, the white is ice cream and the orange candle is tangerine. They last for ages (25 hours to be exact!) and burn amazingly well.

ice cream, orange and apple candles from IKEA

The next thing i got in my mini IKEA haul is this hammock. It was an absolute impulse buy, it was cheap and spoke to me as i was getting ready to leave and pay.

pink hammock from ikea

Hanging it up was a different story, i spent a good few hours finding somewhere for it but finally did and now i have a bright pink hammock, go me. I do actually love how easy it is to fold away as it has its own little carry pouch, i can see myself taking it camping, if i liked camping that is…


My mum got me this little pig from the toy section. I thought he was so cute and i couldn’t put him down, i know that it could be taken as childish but if you had felt his little pig feet, you would feel the same.

little pig toy


I have wanted a fake plant to sit on the counter for absolutely ages and for some reason this IKEA trip made me and i ended up buying a little shrub and a black plant pot.

mini haul fake plant and pot

I’m aware some people hate fake plants but it just brightens up a corner of the room and plus i don’t have to worry about watering it.


Not pictured

I didn’t get a photo of this but I bought a little carpet to sit at the end of my bed that it’s all different colours but it matches the cushions and carpet in the lounge. After all of this matching, I could probably take up a career in interior decorating…probably.


Thank you so much for reading all about my little IKEA haul, let me know what you thought in the comments below of via my social media that you can check out also below!


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