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5 Ways To Feel Good When You’re Feeling Down

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Hi everyone!

I find it quite hard to pick myself up and feel good when i’m a bit down in the dumps. I know i’m not alone and this gave me the idea to make a post dedicated to ways i have learnt on how to pick myself up when i’m feeling blue.

These things are just easy things that everyone can do and customize to their tastes but they are things i do and love to do when i’m low.

So…if you are looking for some ways to cheer yourself up when you’re feeling glum, let’s begin!


ways to feel good

I will stand by what i am about to say forever and i 100% believe that your mental health is a million times better than your physical health. I know feeling down only happens from time to time but sometimes it can be harder to perk yourself up when you’re down in the dumps. Just remember that nothing is as important as feeling well mentally, as silly as it sounds you need to make a list just like this of things you can do to feel better when you’re feeling down.

feeling down tips

One of the first things i do is light a few candles, put on a great show (something that is easy to follow) and get comfy on the sofa. I hate feeling like i’m doing nothing so i then go and paint my nails, do some face masks and put some sort of conditioning treatment on my hair.

The whole process can take up to an hour and it just makes you feel lovely and it can really perk you up if you’re down in the dumps.


How to not be down

Virtually every single British person you meet will tell you that the way to deal with stress,problems,grief,awkward moments is to make a cup of tea. Being patriotic as i am, it’s exactly what i do when i’m feeling not like myself.

I will make either a relaxing herbal tea (peppermint, lemon, chamomile) or an ‘upbeat’ fruity tea. Something like cranberry and raspberry, lemon or strawberry. Herbal teas have some amazing health benefits and can really sort out your insides.

Therefore i make a cup of tea and sit and drink it either watching tv, outside or when i’m just browsing the web.


Feeling good tips

Sometimes going outside is the absolute last thing you want to do when you’re feeling down but, fresh air can make you feel ten times better. Going on a quick walk around the block will release happy chemicals in to your body and give you an instant mood boost.

If a walk is just a huge no no for you, try just sitting outside for a while and read a book. Step away from social media and the internet world and just be alone with yourself in the fresh air, it does wonders.


Feeling nice tips

This next tip probably isn’t for everyone but it will work for some people. I don’t often eat junk food, if ever really. However, because i don’t eat it, it’s lovely to have a little treat now and again, especially when i’m down. I know that junk food isn’t good for you and it probably isn’t advised when you’re down but if you’re like me and hardly ever have it, it’s nice to have a treat to look forward to if you’re down in the dumps.


tips when feeling blue

I briefly mentioned this before but step away from social media. Turn the internet off of your phone and put it away. Disconnect yourself completely and just have time for you. I usually draw (i cannot draw whatsoever but it’s fun!), i colour in my adult colouring book, they help de-stress you and the one i have which is this one, is for mindfulness which just mellows you out and takes your mind off of thins. I even use some water colours (again i cannot use them but it’s fun just creating little designs).

Even if you hate painting and drawing, just take your phone away and try something creative. Guaranteed mood booster!


I really hope these mood boosting tips helped someone, if they did please let me know in the comments below and let me know what you do when you’re feeling down.



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