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My August Favorites 2016

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Hi everyone!

It has been one long hot summer (didn’t girls aloud say that once?!) and if i am totally honest i am so looking forward to it cooling down and being a bit more bearable. I’m actually not a HUGE fan of September…I hope it’s a good month for me and for everyone else but it just reminds me of going back to school and fills me with nerves.

Of course i am turning 21 this year and i should have absolutely no reason to still be getting butterflies about school but i do and i relate them all with September. They do usually pass after the first few weeks!

August was also a bit of a weird month for me…I got a new car, my boyfriend was in China for the majority of the month and got such a bad chest infection for the last week. It wasn’t a bad month it was just a bit of a strange month!

Anyway, i hope you had a lovely August and i can’t wait to share my favorites of this strange month with you, so let’s begin!


Things i have been loving


The first thing i have been loving during August is this pack of makeup brushes. My boyfriends mum actually bought them for me and i honestly love them.

There’s 20 different brushes in the pack and they are so incredibly cheap and have almost 300 reviews in the UK. The reason she actually bought them for me was because i commented on how good the quality was for how cheap they were. They are firm, they don’t shed and although the foundation brush does absorb quite a bit of the product, the eye brushes and lip brushes are just amazing and so handy if you do a lot of different makeup looks or don’t like sharing your makeup brushes.

They allow shadows to blend beautifully which is a huge shock if you are in to really expensive brushes.

I really recommend these if you aren’t in to brushes but need ‘something’ or if you just like to experiment and blend your eye shadow every now and again! I am thinking about doing a whole review on them soon so if you are interested, keep your eyes peeled.

You can check them out here if you are in the EU or US!

pack of cheap makeup brushes

If you have seen any of my 60 second makeup videos (I use it in  my 60 second beach day makeup!) you will have seen me use this KIKO ‘gold’ lip gloss. I have had it for a while and use it quite a lot but during August i just seemed to reach for it most days that i did my makeup. It looks so nice with a tan and it was just perfect for the golden/bronzed looks i was going for.

It’s super sparkly so i wouldn’t recommend it if you aren’t up for a bit of sparkle! but if you are, look out for it because i think it’s gorgeous!

KIKO lipgloss in gold

Next, I got this concealer absolutely ages ago in my Giant beauty, skincare and food haul. I bought two of them on a bit of a whim from my local boots when i was back in the UK. I had seen so many beauty bloggers talk about the natural collection concealer and wanted to try it for myself.

If you know me and my blog you know i am obsessed with this concealer and so changing things up in the concealer department just isn’t for me. I had tried changing a few times but i just kept going back to the concealer i know and love.

During August however i had a change of heart and decided to give it a go and i obviously loved it. It blends well, it’s creamy, it’s not cakey it’s everything you want in a concealer and it’s also super cheap. It only cost me around 2 pounds and is seriously lovely.

Natural collection concealer review

If you read the blurb at the start of this August favorites article you will have read that i had a chest infection during August. I hate when people say this but i honestly felt so unwell and unfit to do absolutely anything and so  my boyfriends lovely mum (she seems to have bought me a lot during August!) found this quirky, creepy little tea shop and found me some tea specifically for chest infections.

Mine (in the red) is made from ‘Aloe vera and mint’ (you may have seen the tweet i did about it!). It’s really strong but really helps you breathe and it actually helped clear out my throat within a few days. It was only 5 euros for 100 grams of this loose leaf tea and i would honestly buy it again and again along with every other tea in the shop…

aloe vera and mint tea

On the right is some traditional Chinese green tea. This is actually my boyfriends as he bought it in a tea farm in China. He’s a HUGE green tea fan and i am not however, this green tea is like nothing i have ever tasted before. It is SO healthy and you can actually eat the little leaves that are left in your cup.

He told me that literally everyone in China walks around drinking this stuff, weather it’s in water or actual teacups everyone from babies to the elderly sips it, so he just had to have some obviously!

Chinese green tea

My favorite book of August is a little bit...not my favorite. I haven’t read all that much this month and i am little bit sad about that. I wish i had a fantastic book to recommend but unfortunately i only read this ONE. It’s good, it’s okay, it’s interesting but the main character just got on my nerves so much!

I asked my mum if she felt the same and she didn’t and i feel like i have victimized this poor main character but she was just so annoying. So if you can handle perhaps a character you want bad things to happen too (i am so sorry Lesley Pearce, i usually love your work, i just hate the main character!) then i recommend it!

Favorite book of August

Finally! You may have already seen this somewhere on my social media but i had to include it in my August favorites. It’s a ‘Homemade fig jam’ diffuser. I already bought the ‘tangy orange’ diffuser and showed it off all over my Instagram but this is different! It’s the same thing but it just smells differently. It makes the room its in smell amazing and i am slightly obsessed with it.

August favorites


I am also absolutely LOVING everything i got in my Mini IKEA Haul ( please check it out if you already haven’t!) i would of included everything in my August favorites but i thought it may have been repetitive but just know my pink hammock is the best thing i think i have bought this year!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you had a lovely August and have an even better September!


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