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John Frieda Go Blonder Collection – Review

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The first thing you may ask yourself is ‘But Lauren, you’re a brunette?’ Yes, I know. I know that the packaging recommends their products for the use of blondes only but, I was eager to try them out and since i’m allergic to hair dye I thought, why not?

I purchased these products a few years ago now and still purchase them to this day. But why?



John Frieda Go Blonder Collection - Review




The first product I would like to talk to you about is the ‘Lightening spray



John Frieda Go Blonder Collection - Review

I was so ready to use this spray, I remember getting home, and getting straight in the shower because it has to be used on damp hair. It also works quicker if you blow dry your hair so, blow dry I did and don’t get me wrong,  I did expect immediate results so, when my hair was dry and virtually the exact same color I was a little disappointed. But, I persevered and literally within a few days my brown hair was slowly becoming lighter and lighter.

I never used it on the top of my head (i’m allergic to hair dye so, didn’t wanna chance it!) but, the ends and dispersed evenly throughout the middle was making a huge difference.

People were also commenting on it after a few weeks and since I had just come back from Spain I blamed it on the sun.

The spray also lasts for ages, I’ve been using this product for  a few years and I still only go through 2-3 bottles a year, if that.






One of my cons with this product is that i’m not sure how it would react on other brunettes. I knew my hair wouldn’t go orange or red because it goes lighter in the sun but, if you are thinking of buying make sure you know your hair color first!


There is another that I will explain below!

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My next product from the go blonder collection is the ‘Go blonder shampoo and conditioner

John Frieda Go Blonder Collection - Review

This is where you may be thinking it all went a little wrong for me as I had brown hair. Well…it didn’t. I didn’t use this duo as much as the lightening spray as it is really expensive in shops and I didn’t want to end up with orange hair. I used it sparingly and using it along with the lightening spray seriously lightened my hair.

I wasn’t bright blonde and I wasn’t a blonde but, it looked as if I had spent the longest summer sat in the sun and had maybe dyed my hair a little. That’s the look I was going for and it looked great!

As I said before, I didn’t use the shampoo and conditioner that much but, they did aid the lightening spray and they were a nice treat maybe 2-3 times a week.






I did actually stop using the shampoo, conditioner and lightening spray for a while. Not because anything went badly wrong but because my hair was going too light and it looked like I had started to develop roots.

It was my mum who pointed it out as I had never paid any attention to it before. I still loved the products I just knew because I am a brunette I had to stop for a while to let it work itself out.

After that, it did start looking really nice again and then I got my hair cut quite short so all of the remaining blonde bits got chopped out.

Last summer however, I started using the lightening spray again, a few times a week, just to give my hair a sunkissed look and it worked perfectly. I’ve stopped for the winter as it doesn’t look as natural on me because of the darkness of my hair but, when the summer rolls back around i’ll be back on it!



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I love both of these products so much as for how they cheap they are, you can’t go wrong especially if you’re a blonde.


I hope you enjoyed my post on John Frieda Go Blonder Collection – Review If you did please let me know in the comments below!


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