My June Favorites 2016

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I loved June. It was such a productive month for me. I managed to start going out so much more, it got warmer and I loved how much my blog grew this month.

Last months favorites (You can check them out here) were a little ‘hit and miss!’, but i don’t think that’s something i want to change. I have a load of different favorites that need addressing so, I’m going to put each favorite in its own little category below. I hope you reading had a nice month of June, I would also love to know your favorites so, let me know in the comments below or across any of my social media platforms!


June Favorites 2016

June 2016 Beauty & Body Favorites

the body shop pinita colada

First up are my two new Body Shop body butters. I recently did a review on them that you can check out here, it’s really in depth and honest. They both smell absolutely incredible and I find myself running for them after every shower!

To their right is the Soap and Glory no clogs allowed cleanser. I also have a really in depth review you can check out here. I only use it once a week but i always notice a huge difference in my skin, it had to be on my June favorites list.

original source pineapple and coconut

I bought a ton of these Original Source body washes. They are so handy, vegan and smell amazing. I was going to make a whole post dedicated to the hundreds I own but figured it might be a little boring so, i whistled out my two favorite smells of June. Mint and Tea Tree and Pineapple & Coconut Oil.

I also have been loving the Simple Spotless Skin face wipes. You’re meant to see a visible difference in your skin after using them and although I have changed my skincare routine again! (check out that here!) I have noticed a ginormous different in my skin and i can’t help but feel that these help even just a tiny bit.

sleek matte me birthday suit

Finally my beauty favorites of June have to be my three sleek matte me lipsticks. I absolutely love them and seem to wear them whenever I go out. They each have their own reviews here(Petal & Vino Tinto and Birthday suit)

I think these Matte Me lipsticks are so lovely and I will increase my collection as soon as my bank card stops crying…

I also figured the sunglasses should be below but, oh well! I got these sunnies in the Airport. They’re really heavy and dark, I think sunglasses are so important to wear and these have just been on my face 24/7 this month.

June Favourites 2016

bollywood coloring book

I’ll start with the tea! I am a huge tea fanatic and i recently picked up the ‘Cranberry & Blood Orange’ tea. I didn’t have a lot of hopes for it because I had tried Blood orange tea before and not been to overwhelmed but this tea is gorgeous, it’s like drinking starbursrt (cannot get enough).

I also have a bollywood adult colouring book. I actually got this for Christmas, did a few pages and gave up if i’m totally honest but this month i decided to stick to it and I love it! I was using pencils before and i think that’s where the problem was because pens just seem to change the game. It’s a great stress reliver and so much better than just watching tv.

Finally! Books!

My books have been weird this month. I haven’t been reading my usual ‘crime/girly books’. I actually finished reading Anne Frank’s Diary this month, it was so good and really shook me and showed me the horrors that we all seem to be a blind to now.

I’ve also recently started a new book on my kindle but i wouldn’t recommend it unless you are really interested in Nazi Germany and can handle horrific reading! I haven’t finished (it’s amazingly long’ but it’s called ‘The Holocaust’ by Martin Gilbert.

I hope you enjoyed my June Favorites if you did please let me know in the comments below and let me know some of your favorites!


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