My Beauty Collection Of Lipsticks (Week 1)

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Hi everyone!

I had a little brainwave this week and have decided to do a new little series on my blog called ‘My Beauty Collection’. Each week I am going to do a new category.

The reason for this is because I am such a ‘nosy’ person and would do anything to look inside the makeup drawers of every person out there but, unfortunately that’s frowned upon.

I don’t want this to be like ‘oh look what I’ve got and you might not have!’, that’s really not what i am trying to convey by showing you my little collections, I am just trying out a new thing, something that i would love to read!

Anyway, today the first day of this new beauty collection series is…lipsticks.


beauty collection

I don’t own a ton, simply because I only just recently expanded my collection from ‘red’ so, i think it’s something I am going to need to grow slowly.

Of course my collection isn’t just purely lipstick, it’s lipgloss, lip tint, lip scrub,lip liner anything lip related will be included!


my lipstick collection

lipstick gif


my beauty lipstick collection

These swatches are from my nude/pinkey lip collection of lipsticks. I have put them in the order they are swatched below so, if there is a color you like you have the name or make!

gif of lipsticks

lipstick collection

The first one I have no idea where it’s from or who it is( nice start Lauren!), Natural collection in ‘Apple Blossom’, MUA, MUA, KIKO, Gosh Lip Lacquer, Sleek Matte Me In Birthday Suit, Rimmel Lip Liner, Matte Me In Petal, KIKO, KIKO.

Some of them don’t have names or even numbers so i can’t even let you know what shade they are in (KIKO i’m looking at you girl).

 I have do though, have a review on the two sleek lip creams. Birthday Suit review is here and Petal here. 


beauty collection of my lipsticks

Just like above these red lipsticks from my collection are in order of ‘swatch’ –

Kiko, Not a clue who this is!, Kiko, Baby Lips (Pink), Ted Baker, Ted Baker, Avon, Baby Lips (Red), Sleek Matte me In Vino Tinto, Kiko Red liner, MUA in the shade reckless.

I have a review on vino tinto and reckless!

my red lipstick collection swatched


beauty lip favorites

lipstick bag gif

This is my miscellaneous part of my lipstick collection! I have a few other vaselines and lip care products but i thought they were maybe too boring to include!

The 5 lip balms are ‘Burt’s Bee’s and i have a review I did absolutely forever ago so don’t judge!. The peel off lip tints have got their own review too! that’s really recent.

We then have two lush lip scrubs (bubblegum and Santa), an agent provocateur lip balm and a red vaseline that lightly ‘tints’ your lips.

And that’s my beauty collection  of lipsticks over! (Next week it will be Bath/Body Items!)

It may seem quite big to some but compared to a lot of bloggers, I don’t actually have that many lip related items. I hope you liked this new beauty collection series I am starting, if you have any comments please just let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day,


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  1. Moobeautys

    July 12, 2016 at 10:12 am

    You have an amazing lip collection!! I love Kiko lipsticks

    • Lauren

      July 12, 2016 at 10:19 am

      Thank you! I do too, they are so pigmented!

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